June 9, 2023


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Will There Be a ‘Home Improvement’ Reboot?

  • Tim Allen offered a fun surprise for fans of Home Improvement on a recent episode of his current show, Last Man Standing.
  • After reprising his role as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, fans are wondering if this means more new Home Improvement content is in the works.

    Home Improvement fans have not let their enthusiasm for the show wane after all these years—what can we say, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor holds a special place in our hearts! So naturally when Tim Allen brought his Home Improvement character back to life on his current show, FOX’s Last Man Standing, he sparked quite the commotion among fans of both series.

    Fans were quick to express their love for “The Tool Man,” and many were begging for more appearances in the future. Even though FOX announced Last Man Standing‘s cancellation after the current season, could this special crossover event mean something more? Inquiring minds need to know!

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    “If there is for anything to go right in 2021, please let it be a home improvement reboot!!!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼,” one fan commented, while another added, “Fantastic episode loved seeing the tool man back.”

    “Sooo, Home Improvement reboot?” asked another user, and one more added, “I hope you were hinting at bringing back this show or Home Improvement for many more years!”

    And viewers offered kind messages for Tim, as he stepped back into his old character after such a long break: “Man that just makes me want to see them revive Home Improvement more than ever lol Tim didn’t miss a beat as Tim Taylor on this episode!”

    Since no official plans have been announced by any networks, we’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for any more hints at a revival! In the meantime, Tim Allen and his Home Improvement costar Richard Karn are working on a brand new competition show called Assembly Required, and we can’t WAIT to see it!

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