May 27, 2024


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Why Cake is the Best Comfort Food

Life is full of moments and phases when our spirits are low. Maybe the love of your life left you and took off with another man/woman? Got fired from your job? Or it’s that time of the month for you ladies, and you are just feeling blue? Or maybe it’s none of the above, it’s probably just a very cold or rainy day, and you are stuck indoors in desperate need of something to lift your mood? The cake is the answer. The cake is the answer to a lot of things, actually!

With so many options for cake delivery in Jhansi and 400+ cities in India, you should never continue feeling blue when you can just pick up the telephone or go online to make an order of a delicious, scrumptious cake to lift your mood. There is no better way to endure through a difficult day than to spoil yourself or a loved one with a delicious treat to remind yourself/ them that no matter what is going on, you/ they are still special! If you are wondering if cake really is the best comfort food, or which down moments cake can lift you up from, read on and find out:

1. Nothing gets you out of a mood fast like sugar

Did you know that sugar actually has chemical properties that make you feel good? Scientists say that the part of our brain system responsible for us feeling pleasure – dopamine – has receptors all over the brain. And guess what happens when you eat sugary foods like cake? Dopamine levels rise significantly! So whenever you are in a mood, or you are feeling sad for any reason, try the cake. You are guaranteed to feel different after eating it. 

2. So many exciting flavours and designs to choose from

Choosing cake as your go-to comfort food is always the best decision you can ever make. There are so many flavours, types, and designs to choose from, it never gets boring! Whatever you are stressing about you may actually forget it as you go through the intriguing process of choosing which cake to order. Should you do cupcakes or a full cake? What kind of design to order? Should you try a flavour, you have never had before? You are so spoilt for choice! By the time you have made your decision about which cake to order, you probably might have forgotten whatever is making you feel blue.

3. Chocolate flavour has a trick up its sleeve!

If you choose the chocolate flavoured cake, here is some good news for you: chocolate is known to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones. Are you having a dark time and just feel like there is nothing in the world that can make you feel good about yourself? Then a chocolate flavoured cake might just be that one trick to turn your tables. 

4. Feel good and feel full!

Unlike other sweet treats used as comfort foods – ice cream or a chocolate bar, for instance – the cake is quite filling. You can actually eat it when you are hungry and feeling down and kill two birds with one stone! If your dull mood also has something to do with bad weather like the cold or rains, you still can eat cake with a cup of coffee or warm milk and feel cosy and full. 

 5. Cake comes to your rescue 

Sometimes bad and annoying things can choose to happen on a day you have to be at work, and you can’t even call in sick. Maybe your ex, who works in the same building as you, has just got married and you are dreading going to work, but you have no choice? A cake can come to your rescue! Before you leave, go on your computer and order a delicious cake. You can even have it written a sweet message on it, yes! Nothing wrong with reminding yourself how special and worthy you are. By the time the cake is delivered to your workplace, you will probably be deep into some work, and negative work vibes and the cake will just be the thing to change your mood immediately. Go on, stuff your face!

Do you know someone having a bad day or week or month? Got a friend who got dumped or got sidelined for a work promotion they deserved? Surprise them with a cake delivery at work, and they will never forget the gesture!