June 19, 2024


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Which is better helium 10 or zonbase?

One of the most crucial things you’ll need to scale your Amazon business is Amazon software. You’ll need to make advantage of Amazon’s seller tools. Then read all the way through this ZonBase vs Helium 10 comparison. Helium10 is a comprehensive Amazon seller software solution. This tool has a lot of capabilities. Helium10 is a product research tool that also helps with keyword research and listing optimization. Other solutions from Helium10 can help with daily operations and business analytics. Helium10, like ZB, has web-based software tools as well as a Chrome Extension and you can get more details from the below link:


Know about zonbase

ZonBase is a FBA platform which unlike other programs that address a wide range of Amazon seller requirements. However, they are strong in either product or keyword research. In every way, ZonBase is up to the task. In a short period of time, ZonBase has carved out a niche for itself. Taking the giants’ flaws and exploiting them to provide amazing outcomes for Amazon vendors.

Artificial intelligence and an expert team are used by ZonBase. The software creates a comprehensive database of profitable niches, items, and keywords. The AMZ experts at ZonBase also put forth a lot of effort to assist merchants. Aside from product research, keyword research, and listing improvement, ZonBase also provides Amazon sellers with mentorship. 

Know about Helium 10

Helium 10 is used for managing and selling products, identifying trends, optimizing listings, finding keywords and more. Teams can use Black Box to search for possibilities based on product category, monthly sales income, review ratings, number of sellers, price, weight, and requirements, as well as save, organize, and categorize results for future reference.

Helium 10 enables managers to examine seasonal demand for items, display sales trends in graphs, compare keyword rankings to competitors, and assess search volumes for specific Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). It offers a Google Chrome extension that allows Amazon sellers to copy ASINs in bulk, receive insights into reviews, see inventory levels for specific listings, and assess profitability based on product weight, unit production, freight costs, dimensions, and the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fee. Teams can also use established or custom templates to create email sequences for order deliveries or event triggers, and view orders on a single dashboard.

Final thoughts

Listings provide customers important information about products. However, we cannot guarantee a sale. You have the ability to create the ideal product listing. But it’s useless if it can’t be found on the first few pages of a search engine. You should use high-quality photos to optimize your merchandise. Titles, bullet points, and descriptions should all be included. You can scale your business successfully and efficiently with ZonBase. All of the resources you’ll need to be a successful Amazon seller are all in one location. ZonBase provides a wide range of Amazon tools for a very low cost. But you should know that  Helium 10 is superior to Zonbase, as the comparative table shows.