March 5, 2024


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What is the most popular day to apply?

For many people, Monday is the most boring day of the week. Yet, those looking for a job find it the perfect day to apply. Indeed, no less than one in five applications is sent on a Monday.

Just like in 2019, Monday was the most popular day in 2020 to apply, according to research by recruiting agency Robert Half. In fact, one in five CVs (18.4%) is sent on the first day of the week. On the other hand, weekends are less popular among job seekers, with Saturday being the least favorable day of the week (7.5%), closely followed by Sunday (8.4%).

Belgians are mainly looking for a new challenge during the months of January (11.8%), May (11.1%) and February (11%). During these three months, almost a third of all CVs for the year are sent to companies and recruiters. In summer, however, they are significantly less active in their job search, July (6.3%) and August (7%) being the weakest months.

More CVs sent in May and June 2020

The coronavirus crisis has also made candidates think about new jobs. In the wake of the first lockdown, the number of CVs sent in May (11.1%) and June (8%) was significantly higher than in 2019, where 9% and 6% of all applications were respectively filed during these two months.

People often realize, after a period of rest, that they are ready for a new challenge and they use the holidays to refocus on themselves. Also remember that at the beginning of the year, a new start is considered a new resolution. People then take the time to reflect on their careers and ask themselves: where am I and where would I like to go? In some cases, this leads to the search for a job that better meets their expectations “, explains Joël Poilvache, director of Robert Half.

Surprisingly, Belgians like to apply during the day. In fact, more than 66.8% of candidates send their CVs during office hours, with a peak between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. The employee is therefore not afraid to apply during working hours. A trend that can only be reinforced by teleworking due to Covid-19.

More applications by smartphone

Although 72.8% of applications are still made by computer, there is an increasing trend in the number of applications sent via smartphone (26.3%). In 2019, this trend was still 22.3%.

Year after year, we see an increase in the number of CVs sent to our website via mobile devices. Candidates want to be able to quickly send their CV in a few clicks. As an employer, it is therefore essential to invest in a smooth mobile online experience. After all, your mobile website is often the first impression you leave on potential future employees., concludes Joël Poilvache.