May 20, 2024


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Uni colors the street white


Before the holidays start, the University of Applied Arts in Vienna presents the work of its students. Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz will be transformed into a white surface for the third edition of the Applied Festival, which will take place from Tuesday to Friday.

In addition to guided tours through the exhibitions in the university buildings on Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz and the opposite Vorderen Zollamtsstraße and the new premises in the former Post Office Savings Bank, which the Angewandte has moved into, the public space is also used for numerous projects. The students from 23 departments use 23 advertising pillars in all 23 districts of Vienna as artistic presentation areas.

In addition, Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz, which is closed to car traffic for the festival, was colored white. It is a concept by the applied professor and artist Hans Schabus. “The Angewandte has been calling for traffic calming for the square or for it to be free of traffic straight away,” a spokeswoman for the Angewandte told

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“There has never been a traffic chaos”

The square remains colored white for four days. It is chalky paint that should be removed from Friday evening at the end of the festival. The festival is taking place for the third time and that is how often we have now closed the space to car traffic. said the spokeswoman

“Hope on hope off”

In the course of the festival, a “Hope on Hope off” bus will curve through the streets, whereby the city will be given “an alternative narrative of ‘VIENNA’ and new contexts on the surface”, as they say. While the Department of Fashion and Applied Photography invites you to play on the Vienna River along the Fritz-Wotruba-Promenade with a set of cards developed in-house, other students organize a “stroll through the difficult present in the theater”.

The “RE-ANIMATE VIENNA” project in an underpass in Meidling sees itself as a wall gallery to revive the city and its people after a year of pandemic. This year’s festival edition is curated by Lena Kohlmayr with the support of Eva Maria Stadler and Martina Schöggl. Some events are explicitly located in the digital space – for example the theater-film hybrid “Emilia Digitalotti”, audio walks or various symposia.