May 24, 2024


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Top computer science programs in the United States

  • The tech industry is appealing to job seekers because of its competitve salaries and flexible schedules.
  • Insider used the QS University Rankings guide to find the nation’s best computer science programs.
  • Stanford and MIT make the list, but also the University of Texas, Austin and UCLA. 
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Tech has become one of the most sought after industries for job seekers because of the hefty salaries, job security, and flexible schedules.

The steady growth of computer science undergraduate enrollments combined with tightening budgets because of the pandemic makes for a competitive job market. For those looking for an tech gig at mega-firms like Amazon, Apple, or Google, having an education from a top program can help.

So, Insider tapped the QS World University Rankings, one of the most reliable sources for education information for both students and employers, and broke out the ones with the best computer science and information technology programs from its 2020 ranking. 

QS’s ranking is based on academic credibility, employability, impact of research, and more (you can read about QS’s approach here): 

Find out more about the nation’s top computer science programs: