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Top 10 Marketing Experts That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Top 10 Marketing Experts

Top 10 Marketing Experts

This photo includes the top 3 of 10 Marketing experts: Shahrez Hayder, Nick Theriot, Brandon Moore.

NEW YORK, Dec. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world of Digital Marketing is largely predominant in the current age of technology. The ever evolving industry is constantly introducing new digital trends and strategies for business growth.

According to Social Aim Solutions there is a simple and effective way for business owners and entrepreneurs to stay informed with what’s working. Keeping up with the strongest marketing professionals will lead your business to maintain a competitive advantage.

However, as the digital marketing arena is highly saturated, identifying true experts from the crowd can be a difficult task. To make things easier, we have compiled the following list:

1.   Shahrez Hayder (@Shahrezhayder)

Shahrez Hayder is the CEO and Founder of OptemaGOLD Marketing. The ‘King of Systems’ is known to build 8-figure businesses from scratch.

Shahrez develops indestructible systems through advanced business-marketing strategy and applied psychology. The second he & his team step in, they completely re-engineer sales, marketing and branding systems in order to turn the miserable bottleneck filled venture into a revenue generating machine. Shahrez’s powerful network connections land businesses on authoritative publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and INC. Shahrez also holds exclusive coaching sessions and masterminds to entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their businesses and optimize their mindset to the next level.

2.   Nick Theriot (@Nicktheriot)

Nick Theriot is the founder of Theriot Solutions – an eCommerce digital agency for brands who are looking to scale. He has helped multiple clients who were stuck at $25,000 – $50,000 per month in revenue scale past $250,000 per month with Facebook Ads profitability. His company manages over 6 figures a month on Facebook Ad spend across multiple client accounts. Over the last year, just one brand went from negative on ads to $2.1 million in sales with Facebook Ads at a 300% ROI. Not only do they focus on Facebook Ads, but the sales process as a whole, to maximize results for clients. Nick & his team at Theriot Solutions are helping e-com business owners who feel frustrated and stuck at $25,000 – $50,000 per month, by laying out the road ahead of them and over-delivering on results!

3.   Brandon Moore (@bmo.saubi)

Brandon Moore specializes in transforming coaches from obscurity to celebrity and become the go-to authority in their market. He constantly pushes the boundaries of digital marketing and works alongside industry giants like Jeremy Haynes (mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs and CEO of Megalodon Marketing). Brandon has helped coaches scale by 444% and his strategies have been featured on Disrupt Magazine. His agency Netmore Marketing is responsible for creating multi 7-figure businesses in only 18 months by using one of his favorite strategies, the “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

4.   Hieu Hoang (@HughHoang)

Hugh Hoang is the founding CEO of More Client Online – a marketing & sales automation agency for service-based businesses. After having delivered great results for many businesses across various industries, Hugh now dedicates 2021 to helping financial advisors book more appointments with qualified leads and automate their entire sales process. What sets Hugh & his agency apart is that he only profits from the results that he can prove he’s responsible for, allowing clients to not have to risk a huge investment up front. Hugh constantly goes above and beyond to bring in more money-making opportunities for his clients while giving them more freedom to focus on their services.

5.   Shayan Tehrani (@Shayantehrani)

Shayan Tehrani is the CEO of Top Lion Marketing, a digital marketing agency specialized in helping Mortgage Professionals rapidly scale their brand and sales. He and his team are committed to helping mortgage brokers, LOs and agents create enormous leverage through their brand. This means building relationships at scale and achieving market leader status through their sales and marketing strategies. Within a couple of weeks of onboarding, his clientele has seen an overwhelming calendar of business. Seeing $30,000+ revenue months isn’t something new for this team. In fact, their 14 appointments in 14 days guarantee is the first chapter to ensure clients establish freedom and power in their business and lifestyle. If you’re a mortgage professional looking to break the barrier of ‘average’ and become a local superstar, Shayan Tehrani is your guy.

6.   The Avenue Media Team (@Avenue.to)

Danica Jokic, Enrique Toscano, and Olivier Corizzi lead the team at Avenue Media, a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in projects for real estate, construction, and manufacturing companies. The Avenue Media team transforms outdated, stale company images into on-trend, relevant brand messaging based on market-driven data, and research-based results. They form long-lasting relationships with clients to assist as a partner in achieving goals that increase the bottom line with a reliable and streamlined process. With extensive forethought, Avenue Media sets clear expectations and guarantees the quality of its work with transparency and trust. The firm’s services include full brand strategy execution and competitor analysis, logo and asset design, project positioning consultation and brand standard creation, website design and development, digital and print advertising, and search engine optimization. Their team are experts at homing in on a vision and mission that drives their clients’ team culture and creates content and media planning to support those values. Analytics drive future roadmaps based on specific data. When your firm needs support from planning through implementation, Avenue Media creates a cohesive plan and executes with precision.

7.   Andrew Gaikwad (@andrew.the.explorer)

Andrew Gaikwad is the founder of Kainyx – a Whitelabel lead generation agency for marketing agencies. He has saved hundreds of agency owners from the overwhelming task of the ads fulfillment process for clients, to focus purely on Client acquisition and retention. His company manages more than $250k monthly ad spend, on Facebook and Instagram alone, for agencies. He has helped agency owners grow to 6 and 7 figure run rates by constantly overdelivering on client results, allowing agency owners to solely focus on client management. Andrew Gaikwad also consults and coaches agency owners and entrepreneurs on fulfillment bottlenecks and business development.

8.   Hassan Mohaidly (@hassanmohaidly)

Hassan Mohaidly is the founder of Hassan Mohaidly Marketing Inc — an email marketing agency that helps Coaches & Influencers with high-ticket offers scale their business through email marketing. As the ‘Email Architect’, Hassan is the go-to expert that Coaches & Influencers turn to for transforming their email marketing, from a challenging task, to an email list of repeat clients & engaged subscribers. Through his 7-step Tailored Launch & Deployment email marketing framework, he has helped his clients obtain 6-figure run rates, enhancing clients’ time to focus on what they’re amazing at. His attention to detail, dedication, & obsession with client success has captured the attention and respect of renowned entrepreneurs, influencers, and top media personalities such as Dan Lok, Scott Yancey, Peter Sage, Tina Hay, Stefan James, Nik Halik, Ross Cameron, Colin Sprake, and more.

9.   Gunnar Kolrud, Ali Kamel & Tieba Bropleh (@conversion_pr)

Gunnar Kolrud Ali Kamel & Tieba Bropleh, are the founders and owners of The Conversion Academy. The company has helped separate Realtors from the pack, by helping grow their business through publicity and direct marketing. They work specifically with Real Estate entrepreneurs who want to leverage publicity to become the trusted authority in their market. Some of their connections include: Forbes, ABC, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and more. Prior to working with them, most agents had no control over their digital narrative, they simply looked like every other realtor. After working with The Conversion Academy Realtors have 2-10x the profitability of their current marketing spend within 6-12 months of getting published. They pride themself on consistent communication, professionalism, and a clear-cut white-glove service. They’re one of the few companies in their space that offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

10.   Jake Tacher (@jaketacher)

Jake Tacher is the founder of Credibility PR – a PR firm focused on media publications and podcast placements. He helps entrepreneurs and businesses who “look just like everyone else” in their space completely stand out from the competition and become the authority and trusted choice in their industry. His company has placed their clients in publications: Forbes, Yahoo!, MarketWatch, ABC, NBC, and FOX, dominating the front page of Google. Jake also consults businesses in their sales and marketing strategies and has even helped companies grow all the way to 9 figures on 99% inbound leads.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing marketing experts, as they continue to thrive and help their clients perform at their peak. Each of their Instagram’s has been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Social Aim Solutions for taking the time to put this article together.

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