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Theft protection of fuel caps & fuel? The possibilities!

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stolen fuel cap anti-theft protection e1624679061568 anti-theft protection of fuel caps & fuel?  The possibilities!

On many classic cars, the fuel filler cap can simply be unscrewed, without that this must be unlocked beforehand. Therefore, it is very easy for thieves to steal the fuel filler caps or just unscrew them and steal the fuel. For these cases and concerned owners of such vehicles, there are a few ways to lock the fuel filler cap and prevent theft. The offer ranges from the simplest means to electronic locks.

What variants are there, what is popular?

Probably the easiest option is if just one new tank cap with integrated lock and associated keys is purchased. Often the original “look” is retained in its entirety. These gas caps are very inexpensive, but they can also be easily broken up become. In addition, you have to be prepared for the fact that not only with this type of lock, but with almost all of them additional key must be carried.

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Another and more expensive type are special sleeves that are attached around the fuel tank cap. A ring is placed around the filler neck before the tank lid is attached, the tank lid is mounted and a cover integrated on the ring is folded around the tank lid. After that, the case is covered with a additional lock locked. This method is very safe and does not cost a fortune. However, the appearance is sometimes severely disturbed, as the lock is usually very bulky and large.

Alarm tank cap Theft protection lock key Theft protection of tank caps & fuel?  The possibilities!

Probably safest and most expensive type are tank caps with an integrated alarm. During installation, they are connected to the vehicle’s electronics, consisting of a speaker for the alarm system and a remote control. As soon as the alarm has been activated by remote control and the tank cap is removed, the alarm goes off.

Legal concerns and what else should be considered?

There are legal concerns no, since it is not a component that adversely affects the vehicle. Therefore, there are no purchase restrictions and almost everything on offer can be bought. Before buying should only the size of the old tank cap must be measured so that the new tank cap also fits. For example, the tank lids of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses or pick-ups are larger in diameter than those of normal cars.

Alarm tank cap Theft protection lock key 2 Theft protection of tank caps & fuel?  The possibilities!

The advantages of such fuel caps are clearly the security they give. You no longer have to worry about theft of fuel caps or fuel. However, it is disadvantageous that a little more effort has to be made to open it than before, since some tank locks, as described above, are laboriously locked. Probably the biggest disadvantage is that the tank lock often changes the appearance of the vehicle. This can be annoying if, for example, a fancy chrome-plated cover was previously installed.

Tank monitoring – possibilities for construction vehicles!

  • Tank monitoring with online monitoring of the tank level including evaluation of consumption (Such systems offer the possibility of monitoring, evaluating, checking and documenting the tank fill level in real time)
  • Tank flap sensor with silent alarm (when opening the tank flap)
  • Radio fuel filler cap with silent alarm when the fuel cap is opened
  • Tank monitoring module including tank measurement and alarm in the event of fuel theft
  • Ultrasonic tank sensor including online tank monitoring and fuel theft alarm
  • Tank monitoring without tank gauging includes a fixed-installation location device, tank flap sensor / radio tank lid
  • Monitoring of the tank flap with tank alarm with sensor or alarm contact
  • Tank monitoring with active tank measurement (built-in location device, ultrasonic tank sensor or tank monitoring module)
  • Tank monitoring module with alarm in the event of diesel theft (works like an alarm system, the tank monitoring module is activated automatically after the ignition is switched off and then always measures the fill level, in the event of diesel theft, the vehicle horn or alarm siren is switched on via the switching output, forwarding as a silent alarm via GSM alarm modem (SMS) or fixed-mounted location device (email) is possible , The tank monitoring module is usually switched between the fuel gauge in the cockpit and the tank sensor)

Alarm tank cap Theft protection lock key Tank monitoring construction vehicle Theft protection of tank caps & fuel?  The possibilities!

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