Jehan Sadat’s health condition is still critical: Family member

Jehan Sadat, widow of late Presdient Anwar Sadat

Jehan Sadat, widow of late Presdient Anwar Sadat

CAIRO – 26 June 2021: The health condition of Jehan Sadat, the widow of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, is reported to be critical as she has been in hospital for two weeks.


Mohamed Anwar Esmat Sadat, nephew of late President Anwar Sadat, called on Egyptians to pray for a speedy recovery for Jehan Sadat. He said that she has been admitted to the hospital after her health condition worsened. 


He said that she is in the intensive care at the International Medical Center on the Ismailia Desert Road, where she receives needed treatment for her case. Although doctors said Jehan Sadat’s condition is stable, there are fluctuations that indicate she has not yet passed the critical stage, he added.


All visits, even from her family, are banned, according to Mohamed, who thanked the doctors at the medical center for their huge efforts to follow up on her case and provide her with necessary medical care.   


Jehan Sadat was the First Lady of Egypt from 1970 until her husband’s assassination in 1981. She is currently an Egyptian human rights activist and researcher.  

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