July 14, 2024


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the ranking of the most popular French-speaking streamers for the month of May

The ranking of the biggest French-speaking streamers for the month of May on Twitch has been published: JL Tomy is ahead of Kameto and Ponce.

A new month is coming to an end, and with it, its ranking of French-speaking streamers. Twitch Stat’s, in collaboration with the Gaming Campus, published the list of the 20 biggest presences on Twitch during the month of May. This month, JL Tomy finished in first place with 3.8 million hours viewed. It greatly exceeds Kameto (2.9 million) then Ponce (2.4 million). Alexclick (2.3 million) then Domingo (2.2 million) completed the top 5. However, Kameto has the biggest presence on the platform this month, with more than 300 hours streamed.

Twitch: peak at 290,000 viewers

At the level of organizations and WebTVs, it is otplol_ which turns first (2.1 million) ahead of OgamingLoL (2 million). otplol_ also signed the biggest peak of viewers of the month on Twitch in France with 290,000 viewers simultaneously, far ahead of Domingo (105,000). In terms of progression, David Lafarge generously boosts its number of subscribers and welcomes 103,577 new people. A hell of a performance.

In terms of games and categories, finally, GTA V was privileged this month on Twitch, far ahead of the category Just Chatting. League of Legends complete the podium.

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