April 18, 2024


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The new Tesla Model S will not arrive until the first quarter of 2022

Tesla has quietly postponed the delivery dates for the new Model S by several months. The revised version of the electric sedan will not hit the market until the first quarter of 2022.

Presented at the very beginning of the year, the new version of the Tesla Model S is accumulating delays. Already postponed from summer to fall 2021, the new iteration of the Californian sedan will not arrive until the first quarter of 2022. This concerns the Large Autonomy version as well as the new Plaid.

The Model S Grande Autonomie, whose maximum mileage has been reduced, was due to arrive first in September or October. For the Plaid with outstanding performance, Tesla was planning to market it early next year in France.

There will therefore be no change for the more extreme of the two versions, which for the moment keeps the same date of arrival in France. On the other hand, this date also becomes that of the Model S Grande Autonomie.

For a few days, the firm no longer delivered vehicles to the United States, but the cycle resumed. In the United States, the new Model S is particularly eagerly awaited, not least because it sports the all-new yoke instead of the steering wheel.

Used to delays, Tesla has already postponed the Cybertruck and the Semi to 2022. A change in schedule that has no impact on the health of Tesla, which achieved record results in the second quarter.