June 18, 2024


Built General Tough

The Frontier and the New American Spirituality

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF TOCQUEVILLE (2/6) After investigating the prisons, Tocqueville and Beaumont set off to explore the interior of the continent, starting with the Great Lakes region.

Special Envoy to Niagara Falls.

With their backs turned to the panorama, according to the new tendency to photograph oneself rather than the landscape, tourists are leaning against the railings that overhang the falls. Behind them, the immense cataracts disappear in a white cloud of vaporized water. Lower down, at the bottom of the gorge, in the powerful current with a beautiful toothpaste green color, boats approach with all the force of their engines at the foot of the falls, the passengers massed on the deck. On the American side, on footbridges located below the falls, visitors dressed in colored plastic ponchos are sprayed with delight by the foam. Niagara Falls remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. We meet families of recent immigrants, from South Asia or Latin America, who admire the wonders of their new homeland, or modest Americans who came by car.

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