April 16, 2024


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The Best Practices on Writing a Job Posting

How to Write Job Descriptions | Glassdoor for Employers

A great job posting is the very first step to determining the quality of employees you have to get the job done.  It is a step closer to converting job seekers into applicants.

Companies usually use job posting templates to help them standardize their job posts across all sites and platforms.  Writing a job post, therefore, is a very crucial element in targeting the right person to fill in the position.  It will help you determine who is fit for the job and who will perform to produce results and outcomes that are expected of the job.

Here is a walkthrough of the nuts and bolts of the best practices on writing a job posting that will convert job seekers to potential applicants.

Why Writing a Thorough Job Post is Worth Your Time

If you want to get the right person to fill in the position, you have to thoroughly think about what you write on your job post.  From the point of view of an expert with past experience as a recruiter for a variety of industries, these are the reasons why writing a thorough job post is worth your time:

  • It will save you from answering questions on the phone.

  • It will help you weed out unqualified applicants, so you only get the cream of the crop, those who have great fits.

  • It helps with employee retention because your applicants will have a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

  • It will show how you value a high level of company professionalism, which will attract high-quality applicants.  Top talents get attracted to trusted and professional companies.

Writing an Effective Job Posting to Get the Right Talent

Writing an effective job posting will define the right candidate and help you find the right talent for your job vacancy.  What you write in your job posting will impact the quality of the applicants you receive.

Apply the following best practices for an effective trimmed-down and jazzed-up job posting:

    Introduce the Role in an Exciting Way

Say why the job is exciting and list whom the person will be reporting to and whom they will be working with.  Connect how the position is relevant in attaining the company’s mission or purpose and values.

A Clear and Concise Definition of the Position

Include an overview of the position with a clearly defined definition of the primary functions and goals of the job.   Create a performance-based section highlighting specific milestones and measurable impact.   Include these details:

  • Required task involved
  • Methods expected to be used to complete the tasks
  • Interactions that the position will have with other departments
  • Necessary qualifications

    Use Bulleted Lists

Long paragraphs will not attract applicants.  The long blocks of texts will not get the attention of candidates to your job posting.  Job seekers look for readable, clear, and concise text that will give them what they are looking for at a glance.

Formatting features like bulleted lists keep your layout clean and easy to read.  Here are items in your job post that you can present in a bulleted form:

  • Job requirements
  • Desired skills
  • Responsibilities of the available position
  • Benefits

    Including Salary and Benefit/s Information

Who would be attracted to a job post without information on salary and benefits?  Most applicants search for a job where they are equally compensated for.  They want to know upfront if the job they’re applying for will pay them for what they are willing to do for the company.

Don’t let your applicants wait until the offer stage of the process to discuss financial compensation.  You are wasting both your time and their time in this process.  Provide a salary range instead of a specific dollar amount to allow for some flexibility.  Applicants will also be attracted to benefits that you might be willing to offer like:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Positive Work environment
  • Opportunity to grow
  • Opportunity to help the community improve

Hitting the Mark on Your Job Posting

Take ample time to write a thorough and effective job posting to get the best talent out there.  The better your job posts, the more qualified the applicants you will receive, and the better opportunity you will have to get the best candidate on your team.