May 21, 2024


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Tesla banned from driving on highways in China?

According to several videos posted on the Internet, the Tesla are quarantined by the police to prevent them from driving on the highway.

The Tesla are causing a lot of ink in China. After a ban on access to military sites and the intervention of a driver who questions the reliability of the braking system of her Tesla Model 3, the Tesla are now targeted by new surprising measures: according to some testimonies, the police are said to prohibit the brand’s cars from entering the highways. More precisely, these are the highways located on the outskirts of the city of Guangzhou. Local law enforcement officials are diverting Tesla drivers at toll gates to prevent them from accessing highways. Others were immediately arrested on these axes.

Police wouldn’t just target Tesla

According to drivers, this decision follows an accident involving a Tesla Model S a little earlier in April. After hitting a concrete wall, the electric sedan allegedly caught fire, causing the death of the passenger.

While Tesla has shown its white paws by showing its predisposition to provide all the data of the car to dispel suspicions about the reliability of the brand’s cars, authorities have claimed that these measures are not only targeting Tesla, but are more focused. on traffic regulation.