July 19, 2024


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Telegram increasingly popular among sex workers

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of users of OnlyFans, the social network that provides access to adult content, has increased significantly. But although this platform has become one of the most popular for accessing this kind of content, it turns out that another application is currently enjoying huge success as it allows users to easily download erotic and pornographic content. . It is the Telegram instant messaging application.

With the new WhatsApp privacy policies, Telegram has become one of the most downloaded messaging apps in the world. In addition, many content creators now prefer it to OnlyFans since it allows them to have a higher profitability. On the other hand, on Telegram creating and accessing a channel only requires the username.

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With the lockdown that has been put in place in almost every country in the world, many people have turned to pornography. The pandemic has contributed to the increase in pornography consumption which climbed by 11% worldwide in March 2020.

Payment without intermediaries

According to some sex workers who use Telegram, the advantage of a Telegram channel over other platforms is the absence of payment intermediaries. Because of this, they can fully benefit from all the money they receive from their fans. On the other hand, platforms such as OnlyFans receive a commission during payments made via the applications themselves.

On Telegram, content creators can also control whoever enters or leaves their channel. In order for someone to subscribe, they must first receive the link sent to them by the channel owner and pay for the subscription. The amount of the subscription may vary between channels and payment is made through payment service providers such as Verse and Bizum, or by bank transfer or Western Union.

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The risks associated with private channels

While Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube have already shown their reluctance towards pornographic content, Twitter and Telegram have not. Lately, Twitter has become one of the last platforms where porn is uncensored.

For Telegram, public channels are mostly subject to content control. Thus, the violation of intellectual property, the publication of pornographic content or terrorist content can lead to blocking. Private channels, on the other hand, are confidential and encrypted. It is therefore impossible to access the content without the link or an invitation from the administrator.

However, Marco Preuss, Director of the Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) for Kaspersky in Europe, said that “users who use these channels should be aware that they are also controlled by police and forces. of the order “. He added that the private channels were not outside the law and could otherwise be traced. Preuss said content leaks can still happen on any platform. He therefore recommends that creators always be aware of it. He also indicated the possibility of fraud where creators do not add users even after payment, or viruses hidden in pornographic photos or videos. “You always have to be careful with the data that is shared, as well as with the places where the money is sent,” he explained.