April 22, 2024


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targeted operations of the ARS in the working-class municipalities of the Metropolis of Lyon where the vaccine rate is low

Patients who have been vaccinated wait 15 minutes under medical supervision before leaving @WilliamPham

The vaccine rate is lower in the working-class municipalities of the Lyon metropolitan area. To get as close as possible to the inhabitants of these municipalities, the ARS will organize new “outbound” operations where vaccination coverage rates remain low.

Until mid-September, around fifteen days will be organized to offer vaccination to the inhabitants of Givors, Vaulx-en-Velin, Grigny, Pierre-Bénite and Lyon-Mermoz. “The inhabitants will be informed of the modalities by the town halls and local associations“, explains the ARS.

To complete the vaccination schedule and receive the second dose, the device will be deployed again between mid-September and early October “, continues the ARS.

As of August 15, 6 out of 10 inhabitants in the Rhône are fully vaccinated

As of August 15, 70.5% of the inhabitants of the department had received at least one dose of vaccine, or 4% more than ten days ago. In detail, this represents exactly 1,322,716 inhabitants out of 1,882,000. On August 15, 60.6% of the inhabitants of the Rhône had a complete vaccination schedule.

However, immunization coverage varies significantly across age categories, as shown in the graph below. But also according to the municipalities. Hence these targeted operations of the ARS.

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