July 14, 2024


Built General Tough

Symbol of the new generation, Vjosa Osmani will preside over Kosovo – rts.ch

Kosovo’s most popular political figure, Vjosa Osmani was elected to the country’s presidency on Sunday by MPs. This election marks the arrival at the helm of a new generation determined to put an end to corruption.

The February legislative elections had ended the fall of the old guard of the former Kosovar independence commanders from the war against the Serbian forces (1998-99).

The reformist movement of the left Vetëvendosje (VV) of the new Prime Minister Albin Kurti allied with Vjosa Osmani, a 38-year-old lawyer, had obtained a landslide victory by promising to eradicate the capture of state resources in the territory plagued by poverty and political instability.

Elected in the third round

Two weeks after the inauguration by Parliament of the government of Albin Kurti, Vjosa Osmani won a simple majority of 71 votes out of 120 deputies in the third ballot.

But this victory remained uncertain until the last moment, due to a boycott of the parliamentary session by opposition parties. Meeting initially on Saturday, Parliament had to suspend operations until the next day, the quorum of 80 deputies necessary to validate the election of the president not having been met.

Country plagued by economic and social ills

Law professor, Vjosa Osmani has already held the interim presidency for a few months, replacing Hashim Thaçi, indicted for war crimes in November by international justice.

The new team will have a lot to do in a Kosovo undermined by economic and social ills, where the average salary is 500 euros and where young people, faced with an unemployment rate of 50%, are massively seeking their salvation in emigration in Switzerland or Germany.

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