April 12, 2024


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Stories of lives lost in Beirut explosions

Alexandra Naggear, 3 years old

She was nicknamed butterfly of the revolution . Three-year-old Alexandra Naggear is one of the youngest victims of the blasts that wiped part of the Lebanese capital off the map.

A photo of her, sitting on her father’s shoulders and waving the Lebanese flag in Martyrs Square during the popular uprisings of October 2019, is circulating the web.

According to her parents, who were at home with their daughter when the explosions of incredible intensity took place, Alexandra, or Lixou , as they affectionately call her, was propelled across the room she was in, hitting her head against a wall. Their house is right in front of the harbor.

You are all criminals. You have hurt our family. You killed us inside our house, where we are supposed to feel safe.

Paul Naggear, father of Alexandra

My daughter is not a martyr, she is the victim of a crime whose perpetrators are known, he added in an interview with local channel LBC.

In an interview with local channel MTV, the girl’s father called on the Lebanese for unity to face the ruling political class, calling on his compatriots not to leave his daughter to be dead in vain.

Sahar Fares, the rescuer killed at the port

She was one of the first people on the scene of the blaze that led to the devastating explosions in the harbor. Sahar Fares, 26, was one of the few female rescuers in the Beirut Volunteer Fire Team.

She was on a video call with her fiancé to reassure him, while her colleagues tried to put out the fire. Course, course, course, would have launched her fiancé, Gilbert Karaan, following the first explosion. She was trying to get to safety when the second, most devastating explosion blew her away.

Sahar and Gilbert were to be married on June 6. In a message posted on Instagram, her lover empties his mourning heart.

Sahar Fares smiles.

A photo of Sahar Fares accompanying a moving text from her fiancé posted on Instagram.

Photo: Gilbert Karaan / Instagram

I’m broken […] life has no taste now that you are no longer. May God burn the hearts of those who have deprived me of your smile and your affection. You are my soul and I will love you until I am reunited with you again.

Gilbert Karaan, Sahar’s fiancé

The funeral of the young woman with long black hair took place in her native village of Qaa, in northern Lebanon, not far from the Syrian border.

Jihad Saadé, died at his daughter’s bedside

He traveled over 6,000 kilometers to be alongside his 6-year-old daughter Gemma, who was diagnosed with cancer. Emigrated to Nigeria, Jihad Saadé came to Lebanon to be at his bedside. He was at Saint-Georges Hospital in Beirut with his daughter, who was about to undergo chemotherapy treatment, when disaster struck.

I remember every second of that day, tells his wife, Soha, in a daily interview An-Nahar. We were on the 9th floor of the hospital, in room 919, which had a view of the harbor. I was sitting on a sofa and my daughter was lying next to me playing with her tablet. My husband was in a chair in front of the window.

Debris and broken glass on the floor and on beds in a hospital room.

A devastated room inside the Saint-Georges hospital in Beirut.

Photo: Reuters / MOUHAMED ALTI

The explosion took place at exactly 6:08 p.m. Before feeling the breath, we saw the windows of the buildings in front of us shatter. I remember having a thought for the residents and then we were hit too and everyone was thrown into the air.

Soha Saadé, wife of Jihad

Seriously affected, Jihad had to be transferred to another hospital due to the state in which the Saint-Georges Hospital was located, almost completely destroyed by the huge explosion which also caused the death of four members of the medical corps of the hospital, according to Antoine Nehmé, a close relative of the family. His words were reported by the Lebanese daily Orient-Le Jour. The man died while being transferred to another facility.