June 19, 2024


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Some people using time in pandemic for home improvement


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues through summer, some people have had extra time to work on home improvement projects.

At Culver’s Garden Center & Greenhouse, hundreds of plants and trees are on display for shoppers to get inspired about their own home improvement projects.

“And we have staff who can assist if people bring in a picture of the front of their house or if they have ideas, then we can kid of work together on something that works,” Janelle Brehm, the nursery manager said.

Brehm said early in the season, she noticed an uptick in business.

“There were people that came in and talked about, ‘oh well I’ve been wanting to do this project for a period of time, I didn’t have time to do the project,” she said.

According to a July U.S. Census Bureau report, places like home centers, hardware stores and garden centers saw a year-over-year sales increase of almost 23 percent. Suggesting people are working on more home improvement projects through the pandemic.

“I do think the stimulus checks helped with that because I know helping a couple of customers looking to get some higher end trees or larger trees and even having us plant it, that’s some of what I saw,” Brehm said.

Julie Katsch of Robins loaded up on a few plants Sunday for outside her home.

“(I’m) Looking forward to fall, got some perennials to plant for fall, I like the gold color,” Katsch said.

She said although she’s not working on any big home project, getting outside right now is her go-to.

“I usually plant some flower boxes and some flower pots, so I love to be outside in the flowers, dig in the dirt, that’s my therapy,” Katsch said.

Brehm said the garden center provides a safer places for shoppers. She said most people wear masks, but some have felt comfortable while outside.

“We can keep our distance because we are outside…I think there is far enough space where people can walk around so they can stay distanced,” she said.

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