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Small Business Marketing Strategies Need Rethinking in 2021

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2021 / Most small business owners and entrepreneurs had to do serious rethinking of their businesses and marketing strategies in the past 12 months. According to Fortune Magazine, almost 100,000 small businesses have closed during this time period, while others had to get creative and pivot to improve their existing business model just to stay afloat. For survival, new sales and customers are top priority.

Small business owner responding to new customer inquiry. Image Credit: / Roman Samborskyi.

In the early stages of small business, goals might vary depending on how success is defined. For many businesses, goals often fall under two main categories: raising brand awareness and acquiring new customers. A huge priority has been to get new customers in order to offset significant losses in revenue over the previous year.

100,000 Small Businesses Have Recently Closed

Yet, in order to do that, raising brand awareness plays an important role. For some businesses, that is no longer possible. According to Fortune Magazine, nearly 100,000 small businesses that temporarily shut down due to the pandemic are now completely out of business.

For businesses struggling to keep their doors open, the most important objective is to find one core marketing strategy, that when focused on, becomes a growth lever for new business. Distinguishing ‘who’ your target buyers are, will give your marketing efforts direction and focus. To bring in tangible sales results, those efforts need to be tailored to the ideal target audience for a business.

Email Marketing Listed as a Top Small Business Marketing Strategy for Growth

In “2021 Ideas for a Small Business Marketing Strategy On a Budget,” suggests to launch, or relaunch, an email marketing lead nurturing program. Business is all about relationships, and relationships need attention in order to grow and stay strong. Growing relationships with potential customers is called lead nurturing.

By developing strategic email messaging, it builds and maintains relationships with customers at every stage as they research, purchase, and grow with your brand. Even a cold email marketing strategy works if done correctly. Collecting your customers’ email addresses and sending them communications from your favorite email marketing platform on a regular basis, keeps your business at the top of their minds. Salesforce has used a successful email marketing strategy to grow more than 150,000 customers that use their sales platform annually.

“Many businesses typically engage in ‘spray and pray’ marketing. That is, trying too many different things and waiting to see what works. Entrepreneurs end up getting impatient and stop doing marketing consistently. This is not an option for small businesses during these times. The marketing strategy should be to focus on one or two proven methods, and email marketing is one of them,” said Ben Argeband, Founder of Swordfish AI, a tech company that provides email address lists and other B2B contact information for email marketing campaigns.

Small business marketing strategies were discussed in Issue #162 of Contact Finder magazine. Image Credit: Contact Finder.

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