July 19, 2024


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Poll: barometer of the most popular Quebec personalities

Every week, The newspaper, in collaboration with the firm Léger, unveils a probe on a variety of subjects that affect you from near or far. Our Barometer thus measures what makes you vibrate or frown as a Quebecker, young and old, francophone, anglophone or allophone, in Montreal or in the region.

Who is the Quebec personality of the year?

1. François Legault: 53%

Premier Francois Legault at Mario Dumont of Qub Radio in Mtl.

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2. Horacio Arruda: 45%

François Legault Covid-19

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3. Justin Trudeau: 22%


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4. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: 20%

Coyotes c.  Canadians

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5. Jay Du Temple: 8%

Jay Du Temple

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6. Maripier Morin: 7%

7. Joyce Echaquan: 5%

8. Christian Dubé: 5%

9. Valérie Plante: 4%

10. Mario Dumont: 4%

11. Geneviève Guilbault: 4%

12. Dominique Anglade: 3%

13. David Saint-Jacques: 3%

14. Erin O’Toole: 3%

15. Régis Labeaume: 2%

16. Yves-François Blanchet: 2%

17. Félix Auger-Aliassime: 2%

18. Alexandra Strélinski: 2%

19. Gilbert Rozon: 2%

20. Régine Laurent: 2%

21. Ricardo Larrivée: 2%

22. Gino Chouinard: 2%

23. Pierre-Luc Funk: 2%

24. Mathieu Bock-Côté: 2%

25. Véronique Cloutier: 2%


The survey was carried out in two stages. An open question was asked to the LEO (Leger Opinion) panelists so that they could submit the names of Quebec personalities of the year 2020. Then, a scientific survey was carried out among a thousand representative Quebecers, from the 11 to December 13, 2020, based on the most mentioned names. Each respondent could choose up to 3 names. Only the first 25 personalities are presented in this barometer.

  • Philippe Leger, The Journal of Montreal

The finding

The personality who most marked Quebecers in 2020 is Prime Minister François Legault. In 2nd place, Dr Horacio Arruda, who let us remember, was a complete stranger last March. The first, a politician, reassured and decided. The second, a doctor, explained. The barometer is a mark of confidence of Quebecers in the Legault-Arruda tandem to manage the COVID-19 crisis. Quebeckers are attached to it.

The surprise

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (4th) won the Super Bowl last February to then put on his blue jacket and lend a hand in the CHLSD. An inspiring athlete who has become an inspiring citizen. Only two artists appear in the Top 10. The program Occupation Double, hosted by Jay Du Temple (5th), has become, for young Quebecers, a pleasant interlude during the second confinement. Note also the presence of Maripier Morin (6th), who marked the year for better and for worse.


A disappointment, because it is indeed one that we all wear. The tragic death of Joyce Echaquan (7th) deeply affected Quebec. An avoidable death, which acted as a wake-up caller. It has become the symbol of our neglect and our collective indifference to the plight of the First Nations.

The year of the pandemic

  • Josée Legault, The Montréa Journall

According to this survey Léger / The Journal, François Legault and Horacio Arruda sit unchallenged at the top of the Top 25 personalities who have most marked Quebec in 2020.

At 53%, the Premier of Quebec dominates in 1st place. At 45%, the national director of public health follows him closely. At 22%, Justin Trudeau is lagging behind.

And this, surprisingly, despite the impressive financial support of which he is the maker and without which many Canadians and Quebecers would never have been able to survive economically the pandemic.

Already established

This shows the full extent of François Legault’s popularity. Which, well before the outbreak of the health crisis in mid-March, was already well established.

Throughout the first murderous wave of Covid-19 in CHSLDs and seniors’ residences, his daily 1 p.m. “mass” alongside Dr. Arruda and the former Minister of Health, Danielle McCann, had literally united a confined and worried population to its prime minister.

Struck by a global pandemic and despite the worst record in Canada, François Legault has forged a relationship of trust with the majority of Quebecers. Hence his affectionate nickname “Papa Legault”.

On a human scale

Because 2020 will have been the year of the pandemic – 2021 will also be -, it is not surprising that in the Top 25 of the Léger firm, the other names, ranging from Jay Du Temple to Véronique Cloutier, only collect shot.

Except, of course, for Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.

Raised in 4th place, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, this force of nature and Super Bowl champion, had volunteered in a CHSLD while simultaneously carrying out his medical training.

A true hero on a human scale. Like all those who, much less known, have courageously held the fort for months in the health system and our schools.