May 20, 2024


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Pizza Hut Tastewear will turn you into a food fashion tastemaker

Whether you went to The Edge earlier this summer or just can’t resist a slice, the new Pizza Hut Tastewear is the hottest food fashion that will become summer’s must have look. Whether your closest needs an update or your wardrobe is on point, this limited edition food fashion offering will have you being the tastiest look at the table. Just don’t spill on that new track suit.

Food brands have been expanding into fashion and art. The reality is food and culture are intertwined. Those iconic brands are more than just a flavor craving. It is part of people’s self-expression.

Just like people prefer one pizza topping to another or can’t get enough of a thin crust versus that deep dish, food is about personal expression. Taking that love of food off the plate and into the closet is just another way to express that affinity for a favorite food.

According to Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut, “We’re so excited to give our biggest fans a chance to show off their pizza love through fun, trending streetwear-inspired pieces that are still classically Pizza Hut. From the bejeweled pepperoni chain to the classic red cups, our team thoughtfully crafted the details to give fans nationwide a fresh way to show off their Pizza Hut love.”

What food fashion is part of the Pizza Hut Tastewear?

Available on, the offering includes both fashion for yourself and the home. The Track Suit will definitely be a top seller. The classic red and white colors are bold and crisp. Although the price tag is a little hefty ($99.99), the look will get people turning their heads.

Other items include the Pizza Slides and Pizza Chain. While you could combine all three looks for the ultimate Pizza Hut statement, they could mix and match, too. Just be careful not to let that Pizza Chain dangle in your slice.

Lastly, everyone will want that Tiffany Lamp T-Shirt. One of the most iconic images from the classic Pizza Hut restaurants, this classic t-shirt shines your pizza fandom quite brightly.

In addition to these looks, Pizza Hut is offering some décor to bring a taste of the Hut into your home. Now, everyone can enjoy their favorite beverage from those classic red cups. Somehow the drink is just more refreshing when drunk from that red cup.

All of these items are available at the Pizza Hut Tastewear online store. Availability is limited, so it is best to act fast.


Do you have a closet of food fashion? What other brands would you like to make a walk down the runway?