June 23, 2024


Built General Tough

One of Netflix’s most popular series will have a season 2 and that’s not necessarily great news for subscribers

Netflix recapitulated its announcements at the end of last week: “A season 3 for Umbrella Academy – A season 2 for Emily In Paris – A season 2 for Barbarians – Season 4 of Big Mouth, December 4 – Season 5 of The Seven Deadly Sins, in 2021 – The Princess of Chicago 2, November 19. ” Something to satisfy the subscribers of the streaming platform. Except that Netflix forgot to mention another series that has been extended. Not just any since it is about Space Force. A big budget program from the creators of The Office with Steve Carell and John Malkovich on screen. So astonishing that Netflix announced a sequel on the sly, by simply responding to a person asking for confirmation on Twitter? Not really.

Space Force was eagerly awaited when it was released last April. But she was very disappointing because she was not as funny as expected. If it is ranked among the 25 most popular of the year 2020 according to a Flixpatrol ranking which lists the places in the Top 10 of series during the first month of their release in 70 countries (out of the nearly 160 that broadcast Netflix), Space Force mostly benefited from the effect of waiting and curiosity. With Steve Carell + John Malkovich + The Office + the American space conquest, the desire was legitimate to take a look. It was sometimes funny but there was clearly a little something missing to make it a must-see series. This may be the case for season 2. It is better for Netflix because many wonder why series like The Society and Spinning Out are not prolonged while others, less good according to them, are. As Riverdale and Space Force, for example…

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