July 19, 2024


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New trailer promises epic live-action movie

A new trailer for the Chinese film Dynasty Warriors has just been unveiled. The film adaptation of the hack’n slash video game franchise promises to be epic and action-packed. The feature film is currently only being released in China.

The film adaptation of Dynasty Warriors has been talking about her for several years, but she has not been abandoned. Filming has been completed since 2017 and the first trailer was unveiled in 2018. Indeed, Dynasty Warriors should have arrived in theaters much earlier. However, like most film productions, the live-action film has fallen behind due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dynasty Warriors movie poster
Dynasty Warriors movie poster – Credit: Enjoy China Entertainment / YouTube

An epic new trailer for the film adaptation has just been unveiled with the release date on the big screen. Despite the current health situation, Dynasty Warriors will be released April 29 in Hong Kong and April 30 in China.

Dynasty Warriors movie promises to stay true to video game franchise

Dynasty Warriors is directed by Roy Chow Hin-Yeung. The cast is made up of Louis Koo, Wang Kai, Tony Yang and Gulnezer Bextiyar. The feature film also follows the world of video games by using the same characters. The fighters Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will notably face the most powerful warrior in Chinese history, Lu Bu. The plot of the film will take place during the Three Kingdoms period (220-265) which brings together the events following the fall of the Han dynasty.

After more than two decades, the Dynasty Warriors franchise is still popular with avid hack and slash gamers. The community is looking forward to the next Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires opus. Scheduled for release in early 2021, the game was finally postponed to a later date without further clarification from the developers. It will surely be released before the famous hack’n slash Diablo 4, the release of which is not expected before 2022.

At this time, we don’t yet know if and when Dynasty Warriors will have a Western release date. In the meantime, other film adaptations are coming soon. Among the most popular, there is in particular Mortal Kombat and its liters of hemoglobin planned for the April 7, 2021 and Uncharted with Tom Holland who is afraid he has missed his portrayal of Nathan Drake whose release has been announced for February 2022.

Source: Gamespot