May 27, 2024


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New Orleans Nurses: Things to Know About Healthcare Nurse Staffing Agency

Healthcare Staffing Agencies - Nola Nurse Staffing Agency

The demand for nurses in New Orleans is still continuous, to meet the demands health facilities are also continuously working with nurse staffing agencies to meet the demands of nurses in their facilities. If you are a nurse you can check on the healthcare nurse staffing solution near you so you can work with them and help bridge the shortages of nurses in areas where you are needed. 

What is a Nurse Staffing Agency in New Orleans and How Does it Work?

Nurse staffing agencies act as bridges between nurses and healthcare facilities. They establish relationships with health care facilities that need nurses to cover the staff shortages in their facilities. Nurse staffing agencies also hire and assign them to the health facilities that need their service. Here are the details on how nurse staff does their job:

Connecting with Employers

Nurse staffing agencies reach out to several healthcare facilities and partner with them and get details on the list of nurses they need. 

Screening Applicants 

They then accept applications from nurses who are willing to work for them. They do the evaluation and screening of nurses who are qualified for the position. They also set the qualifications according to the ones given by the healthcare facilities, so they can match their nurses with their needs. They check resumes and also do background checks and verify the experience of the applicants. 


Once their nurses are qualified they can now start getting assignments in areas where they are needed. Contracts are made between the nurse staffing agency and nurses, then the agreement between nurse staffing agencies and healthcare facilities is set too. 

Why Do Nurses Choose to Get an Agency For Their Nursing Career?

Better Pay 

Everyone wants better pay, nurses working under staffing agencies get higher pay compared with regular nurses. Imagine getting almost full pay when you don’t actually work a full shift. The hourly pay of nurses under agencies varies depending on the location, specialization, and even experience, which means you can get more if you have the other credentials. 

Less Burnout 

Nurses who are working under an agency still work a whole shift or even more however the difference is that they can rest after a few days of work and even get a week’s rest if they desire. Compared with a regular nurse who needs to report day after day on a regular schedule and is even mandated to have overtime. 

More Job Opportunities 

As a nurse, you can get more job opportunities when working under an agency. Since nurses staffing agencies are connected with several healthcare facilities, they can give more jobs to their nurses. This way they can maximize their time in a year and be able to manage their schedule and use all the time they need to work. 

Build Connections 

As nurses get assigned to different areas and healthcare facilities they have the opportunity to showcase their talents and they can build connections with employers who can decide to hire them full time or offer them a good deal if they see their quality of work. This connection can also come in handy in the future. 

Opportunity to Travel 

Nurses can be assigned to any place where their agencies are connected. This can give you an opportunity to visit the places on your bucket list. Since you can request to be assigned to a place you want to go to if it’s on your agency’s list. Traveling can be expensive but working under an agency can let you travel without spending much since you can get reimbursement on job-related expenses which is advantageous for you. 

Having an idea on New Orleans nurses: things to know about healthcare nurse staffing agency can help you prepare yourself to work under a nurse staffing agency. At least now you know what to expect and you know what you can gain. Start your journey by visiting the nearest nurse staffing agency near you to ask for more details on how to be one of their nurses. So you will know if you are qualified or not and start accomplishing whatever is needed to be part of their agency then start earning more and getting a flexible schedule.