June 20, 2024


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iPhone: Apple’s smartphone more popular than ever with teens

A recent survey revealed that the apple brand is still popular with young people in the United States, where the iPhone has never been so popular with the so-called Generation Z. The numbers are staggering …

Be in the trend, a universal and timeless concern of youth. In any case, this has always been the case in terms of dress codes, and since the digital revolution, this now also applies to new technologies. Through social networks in particular, then of course the essential tool for browsing and taking a selfie: the smartphone.

The manufacturers of the mobile industry have understood this well, taking care to develop ranges intended for young people to break out in high school. We think in particular of Samsung and its colorful series of Galaxy S20 FE sponsored by BTS, LE boys band from K-Pop to fashion… But the brand that appeals the most to teenagers, there is nothing to do, it’s still Apple. The Californian giant may be deemed expensive, it has always been popular and particularly in this age group, having it must be said a certain gift to create anticipation … According to a recent survey, his precious iPhone has never even been so popular among young people.

It was an American investment bank called Piper Sandler that conducted the investigation at the arrival of spring. His questions, posed to some 7,000 Gen Z individuals in the United States, revolved around a variety of topics, ranging from streaming platforms to clothing brands, through beauty products and fast food chains, to take stock of the global trends of the moment. And among the (many) results of the survey, we see that with regard to smartphones, the iPhone has clearly conquered this audience, since no less than 88% of respondents already have one. More than that even, they are 90% to have answered that their next mobile will be stamped with the bitten apple. Record percentages according to the study, the previous survey carried out in the fall of 2020 already showing staggering figures, respectively 86% and 89%.

IPhone SE, the more affordable solution for young people

Suffice to say that Apple does not have to worry about its customers, knowing what is more than a completely different survey, which we shared with you last month on SFR News, has shown that iPhone owners generally remain very loyal to the Californian brand (up to 91.9%!). Of course, since this new survey was conducted in the United States, and the equivalent unfortunately does not exist in our regions, we cannot say with certainty that teenagers in France are just as addicted to apples. But our little finger tells us that the iPhone is also definitely one of the favorites in our playgrounds …

Does your youngster already swear by Apple? Do not panic, you can make him happy while limiting the budget thanks to the model, it must be said designed for: the iPhone SE. Sold for 459 euros the smartphone alone (64 GB version) at SFR, it is currently offered from only 29 euros + 3 euros per month (for 24 months) with the 80 GB 4G + package from SFR.

And if you really want to spoil your teenager, think refurbished! In this department of second-hand smartphones, completely refurbished and repackaged like new, you will indeed find old high-end Apple models ranging from iPhone 7 (at only 1 euro with a package, or less than 200 euros for the smartphone alone at SFR) at iPhone 11 Pro (offered for example in installments of four times 125.25 euros, with a package from SFR). As for the latest model of the Apple brand, the famous iPhone 12, it is available for information. from 279 euros + 8 euros per month (for 24 months) with the adapted 100 Go 5G package from SFR.

Source: Piper sandler