April 24, 2024


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How many homes does your landlord have?

A website recently put online allows to know the number of buildings owned by the owner of a building by simply entering the address of one of his buildings.

Sure Findmylandlord, tenants can effectively know the identity of the owner of the building where they live, the number of buildings he owns, the address of these and the number of apartments in each.

An interactive map of the island of Montreal shows their locations and indicates with the help of bubbles the owners who own 50 buildings or more, offering an overview of the major real estate owners in Montreal.

With the housing crisis hitting Montreal, this tool will facilitate “networking between tenants” who wish to mobilize to avoid renovations, these evictions for major renovations, believes the spokesperson for the Popular Action Front in Urban Reorganization (FRAPRU ), Véronique Laflamme.

She adds that the creation of this new tool is further proof that tenants want and need more information about their accommodation.

“But this does not replace a lease register [demandé par l’organisme au gouvernement du Québec], which would make it possible to obtain even more information, such as the price of previous rents to avoid excessive increases, ”explained Ms. Laflamme.

Since this is a citizens’ initiative, there is nothing to guarantee that the information will be updated, she stressed.

The Corporation of the property owners of Quebec (CORPIQ) for its part is concerned to see the associations of tenants using in a “malicious” way the information which is found on the Findmylandlord site, and this, although it is public.

The person responsible for the design of the site did not respond to an e-mail request for an interview from the “24 Heures”.