June 20, 2024


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Ironton In Bloom readies for a busy new season

After a year of not being able to do much because of the pandemic, Ironton In Bloom is coming back in full force in 2020.

The group started in 2007 and have planted literally thousands of flowers in the downtown Ironton area to beautify the city.

As always happens in the spring, they are putting flowers around downtown Ironton in planters and pots. They are also having a Mother’s Day plant sale, planning a tour of gardens, returning to serving food at the Ironton Farmers Market and pushing for a downtown clean up.

Carol Allen, one of the co-chairs of IIB, said that for their spring planting, things will be mostly the same. The flowers are ordered from Bob’s Greenhouse and Imel’s Greenhouse and will be arriving soon. They will have a contract with the city of Ironton to maintain the flowers.

“That has all been taken care of,” Allen said. “The flowers from Bob’s Greenhouse for the hanging pots will be delivered after Mother’s Day and the city will hang them in time for Memorial Day.”

Then the following week, Imel’s will be delivering the flowers for the planters.

“And as a money-saving effort, because last year was pretty hard as far as money was concerned, we are going to plant the pots ourselves, using the same designs that Imel’s has provided us,” Allen said. “So, we are looking for volunteers who are willing to spend four to six hours on May 19 to help us plant our 100-plus containers.”

She said that the flowers will all be planted in time for Memorial Day, although they probably won’t be blooming in time for the annual Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade.

“But, all our guests will be able to see that Ironton is in bloom,” Allen said.

IIB’s Mother’s Day plant sale will be Saturday, May 8, beginning at 8 a.m.

Allen said they sometimes set up at the Ironton Farmers Market space on Second Street but they aren’t sure if the space is available yet because the farmers market vendors haven’t met to decide when they are going to open this spring.

Allen said if that space isn’t available, the IIB will set up at the city’s splash park and parking lot.

“That way people will be able to find us easily, either way we will still be in the same area,” she said. “We will have our usual containers, ferns and annuals for sale.”

IIB is planning for a garden tour on Sunday, June 20, and is looking for people to volunteer to have their garden space as part of the tour.

“We are looking for any house owner who would like to show off their garden or their back yard,” Allen said. “Because most people have it fenced in and it is private, but yet there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining it. We would love to showcase it.”

And since the pandemic is dying down some, IIB will return to having food available at the Ironton Farmers Market on the second Saturday of the month.

“We prepare food with products from the market and then we just accept a tip,” Allen said. “It’s our way letting the public see who we are. Because sometimes, you hear the name, but you don’t know who is involved.”

Allen said they are hoping that Ironton will be having a clean-up day this year, but haven’t heard anything about one yet.

“I am going to be pushing that with the mayor again. People need to be reminded to clean up,” she said. “Our downtown looks so much cleaner than when we started in ’07, because people are more cognizant that it is looking nice. We would like to have everyone in Ironton look at their front porches and yards and what surrounds them and clean up this spring.”

In April, IIB will start up their yard of the month award, which goes until September.

“So, anyone who wants to nominate a neighbor or friend can contact us on Facebook page or tell one of our members,” Allen said. “And we are continuing with business of the month.”

To volunteer go to their Facebook page, THE IRONTON IN BLOOM, contact a member of IIB, or call Allen at 740-550-5655.