July 19, 2024


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HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE: Magnolia Home Xperts weigh in on home remodeling on a budget

Magnolia Home Xperts owner David Davis offers tips for homeowners to make the most of a home remodel, including affordable ways to improve the value of a home.

Why should a homeowner pursue a kitchen or bathroom remodel? What makes it worth it?

It adds a lot of value. A typical kitchen remodel will add about 20% value to your home, and a bathroom remodel [will add] about 15% value for your home. So it’s definitely well worth it when you talk about remodeling. Most people’s homes are their biggest asset, their biggest investment. And you want to maintain your biggest investment, otherwise later on your biggest investment will not be your biggest investment; it’ll be your biggest nightmare.

If a homeowner could only invest in one home improvement project, what would you recommend and why?

Roofing is probably the most important thing you can do to your house, by far, because if it’s old, your biggest investment is sitting underneath that roof. You want to protect your biggest investment by making sure to have a good roof.

Other than a complete remodel, what are some affordable ways a homeowner can improve the look and value of their home?

[One of] the most affordable ways to [improve their homes is to] maintain it themselves with the exterior when it comes to landscaping and [putting in] sweat equity. Painting is one of the most affordable things you can do to raise the value of your home. The biggest things you can do to your home to raise the value of [it] is maintaining and painting.

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