June 23, 2024


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Holiday groceries: popular luxuries

In many grocery stores, December 23 is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year. But this year consumers have had to change their habits due to health restrictions.

Jean-Nicolas Tremblay, general manager of the IGA des Sources group which owns five grocery stores in the Quebec City region, explains that the sales volumes are similar to past years. However, ridership is more spread out over time.

We can really see that it is quite extensive, I think people were well aware of the issues in the store, of distance, of the limitations of people in front of the shops. .

A man places products in a grocery store freezer.

More people will be eating fondue this year, observes Jean-Nicolas Tremblay.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Some particularly popular products

Since gatherings are not allowed, people seem to have tweaked their holiday menus somewhat to indulge themselves. Luxurious products are particularly popular. Lobster and duck, for example, are very popular, reports Jean-Nicolas Tremblay.

People spoil themselves a lot. They need this and I think it’s quite normal in these special times, he observes.

Fondues are often synonymous with more intimate meals. Sometimes, when we have 10-15-20 people at home, preparing a fondue is not always easy , explains Mr. Tremblay. This option is therefore particularly favored this year. IGA des Sources notes an increase in sales of fresh fondue meat.

Sweet tooth

Sales of Yule logs, especially smaller formats, also increased. Last week, we already had 50% sales growth over the other years , says the managing director of the IGA des Sources group.

A display of Christmas logs.

Small-sized Christmas logs are also popular.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Kassandra Nadeau-Lamarche

Share differently

Some have not completely reduced their purchasing volume, although they will not be able to receive visitors this year. Instead, they found other ways to share with their loved ones.

This is the case of Marie-Ève ​​Robichaud, whom she met when she left the grocery store on December 23. She and her family decided to buy the same quantities as usual.

We come to portion everything, and we decided to go for a little trip with our family and our friends and we are going to carry small dishes. It’s our activity on December 24 .