April 18, 2024


Built General Tough

Here’s how to make your favorite holiday foods yourself

Most people have a favorite, must-have holiday food. And that food is often traditionally made by the same person every year. But this year with families gathering in smaller numbers and parties postponed, that person and your favorite dish may not be crossing your threshold. But that’s no reason it can’t be on your table.

With the right ingredients, a recipe and some quality time in the kitchen you can prepare your favorite holiday dish yourself. Here are a few traditional holiday foods and where you can find the recipes to make them. Who knows? It could be the start of a whole new food tradition for you.

Scalloped oysters

Living in Maine it makes sense that seafood is part of holiday food traditions. For some people it’s scalloped oysters. And not just any scalloped oysters — it has to be the recipe found in the Fannie Farmer cookbook.