March 5, 2024


Built General Tough

Here are fan’s most believable theories for OD’s new twist

It is this Thursday that will be revealed the “biggest twist in the history” ofDouble occupation.

Fans of the reality show have speculated on the details of the latter.

The most popular theory is an interesting one, but unlikely. Many viewers would love to see an LGBTQ2 + edition ofDouble occupation. As much as we love the idea, we probably would have had to do a different call for candidates to get the people involved. Although Marjorie and Cintia’s lesbian relationship last year may have prompted producers to secretly invite community members LGBTQ2 + to participate. With OD, nothing is impossible. Some also speak of an edition 50 years and more, but we end up with the same situation …

Among the most plausible hypotheses, we are talking about a single house (a mansion, why not ?!), where guys and girls would live 24 hours a day. Some also imagine that this year we will be entitled to a OD All Star with participants from other seasons who have not found love. And why not go find candidates from other reality shows (If we loved each other, Love is in the meadow, XOXO, Blind flirting, etc.)?

Another popular option is for the red carpet to be blind this year. The candidates choose only according to the presentation speeches, without relying on the physical.

We can’t wait to see what OD has in store for us this year!

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