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Half a million motorcycles in circulation in Belgium

Half a million motorcycles in circulation in Belgium

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Despite the closure of motorcycle dealerships, the Belgian market is doing quite well. Bruno Wattenbergh, expert in Economics, delivered his analysis to the microphone of Bel RTL this morning.

“Despite the fact that motorcycle dealerships had to close for several months, the motorcycle market recorded 25,807 new registrations, an increase of + 3.5%”, introduced this morning our economic analyst, Bruno Wattenbergh, at the microphone of Bel RTL. In Belgium, 500,000 people own a registered motorcycle, a figure that is increasing.

Changes that have favored the motorcycle as an individual transport

For him, this stability and even growth, stems from three factors. “First, the increase in disposable income. Belgian households did not go on vacation, they instead saved, which would have decided more Belgians to fall for a motorcycle. In the gloomy context and the obligation to stay in Belgium, it was an option for walking and traveling through their own country “, details Bruno Wattenbergh.

“Then, the regulations on the Euro standard changed for motorcycles, with the arrival of the Euro5 standard at 1er January. And so there were some good deals in December. ” The Euro5 standard implies a reduction of about a third of polluting emissions compared to the Euro 4 standard. The idea is to make vehicles less polluting for the environment.

And finally, the third factor is based more on mobility, much easier with a motorcycle or a scooter than public transport. A good number of Belgians therefore wanted “to return to individual mobility, credible vis-à-vis parking and traffic jam problems” like motorized two-wheelers. “And it is true that on a daily basis, motorcycles and scooters can move up the lines by controlling their speed for example. It is not difficult for them to find a parking space. And, the icing on the cake, the trips between home and the place of work as well as business trips are 100% tax deductible “, details the analyst.

And to reduce traffic jams by at least 40% in the city and on the most congested roads, it would suffice that only 10% of motorists adopt a motorized two-wheeler. Enough to encourage other Belgians to take action and buy a motorbike or scooter!

Motorcycles more popular than scooters

In terms of models,“it is always the 125 cm3 which register the greatest number of registrations with nearly 1 new registration in 3”. The novelty? In this segment, motorcycles are becoming more popular than scooters. But if the 125 cm3 remain as attractive for a majority of Belgians, it is because they do not necessarily require to hold a motorcycle license. “They can be driven with a B license obtained before 2011, or after two years of a car license, on condition that they follow a 4-hour training course”

A reinvented Motorcycle Show for the year 2021

This year, because of health measures to stem the current pandemic, the Motorcycle Show will not take place in “real” but it is reinventing itself all the same. It will take place in “pop-up” mode over the next two weekends. “Nearly 500 motorcycle dealers, spread over Belgium and Luxembourg, are opening their doors to offer fair conditions to lovers of two-wheelers”, explains Bruno Wattenbergh. For more information on this Salon, which is a little different from other years, the official site details its operation and program.

Tax advantages and other advantages of the motorcycle

But riding a motorcycle can also be relatively advantageous.

  • Combining the insurance of your car with that of your motorcycle allows you to obtain a better price;
  • Up to 250cc, road tax does not have to be paid;
  • For electric motorcycles and scooters, the minimum tariff for the TMC (editor’s note, registration tax) and road tax must be paid. No tax is due in Flanders. And at the federal level, a tax reduction of 15% (maximum 3,140 euros) is granted for an electric motorcycle;
  • For home / workplace trips and business trips, it is possible to deduct, in the personal income tax return, 100% of the costs (purchase of the motorcycle and clothing, maintenance, fuel, contract of assistance…);
  • The consumption of a 125cc does not exceed 3 L / 100 km;
  • Riding a motorbike or scooter makes it possible to be less impacted by traffic jams and to save a lot of time. On the highway, it is authorized to go up the lines of cars and, thus, to remain moving (up to 50 km / h with a maximum differential of 20 km / h compared to the cars);
  • It is possible to park a motorized two-wheeler on the sidewalk, as long as you leave enough room for other users. No need to waste time finding a parking space;
  • Motorcycles and scooters are still welcome in the Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

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