June 23, 2024


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FAQ’s related to Amfonelic acid

Amfonelic Acid 15180-02-6 | Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(APAC)

What happens when you consume Amfonelic acid?

Amfonelic is the best type of cognitive enhancer used by many health care experts to stimulate the brain’s ability. When a stimulant gets to your digestive system, the wide range of enzymes present pancreas and small intestine start the process of breaking down the complex chemical compounds like hydrogen and carbon molecules at their simplest form. 

Once this process gets completed, the small molecules enter the bloodstream. Unlike complex foodstuffs like fried foods, artificial sugar, the amfonelic acid powder takes only a few minutes to pass through the process of digestion.

After when the bloodstream enters your head region, the brain cells start to extract protein molecules from this acid. This is the exact moment when you feel energetic, concentrated and your grasping abilities shoot upwards drastically.

Is Amfonelic acid suitable for the human body?

According to medical experts and professionals, the product which is used as a stimulant is favourable for the human body. Before laying down the foundation and announcing the official launch of Amfonelic acid powder, we have gone through all the laboratory tests and clinical trials. 

After testing on rats, monkeys and then on healthy individuals, we have found that amfonelic acid is suitable for all the age group and even the gender. 

One can easily notice that the molecular formula contains 14 carbon atoms initially. Which indirectly points out to be an organic product for sure. So, you can easily trust our product with your both eyes closed. 

Which is the best Nootropic drug?

More than tons of daily food items are categorized into a nootropic drug. From this, one common smart drug is caffeine. Can’t find caffeine? Look towards your coffee cup. Yes, coffee powder has a concentrated amount of Nootropic drug, which helps to stay away from a headache. But there are many other drawbacks of caffeine. The very usual downside is that it only works for less than 3 to 4 hours. 

However, if you are looking for the best nootropic drug, then amfonelic acid powder at https://www.wisepowder.com/product-details/15180-02-6/ is an excellent alternative for coffee. And yes, the effect of increased brain power lasts long for more than 16 hours. You just need one teaspoon of Amfonelic acid to boost your overall mental health. 

Are there any side effects of amfonelic acid?

The very short and simple answer to this question is ‘No’. Our pharmaceutical researchers are guaranteeing you that amfonelic acid won’t cause any side effects. 

Don’t panic. Even if you overconsume this medical stimulant, it will not result in any adverse effect on your body. You will get more benefits. Although, you must not forget that everything has its limitation. When it comes to medication, you should only consume these medicines as per your doctor’s advice.