April 24, 2024


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Eight days of silent monastery – and not a bit quieter

Only trims his beard when he’s in front of the camera: “Bares for Rares” – presenter Horst Lichter. Photo: Imago

Always happy. Always a cool saying on the lips. TV viewers have known Horst Lichter for years. But can the man do anything else? He pursued the question himself – in a special way. Now he’s written a book about it. In the exclusive KURIER interview, the story collector, as he likes to describe himself, tells of the search for inner peace and his successful show “Bares for Rares”.

KURIER: Your book is titled “I’ll be quiet then” – anyone who only knows you from television will immediately wonder how that should work. Horst lights and still?

Horst lights: You’re right. That’s why the publisher approached me. Many people are currently hiking the Way of St. James, going to a monastery in Nepal or simply looking for peace and quiet. So the publisher wanted to find someone who was not trusted to do so and who was still willing to experiment and write honestly about it.

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And then they put you in a monastery?

I was totally enthusiastic about the idea and was completely free of prejudice. But: I had a completely different idea of ​​the monastery. Afterwards I say: The people who are there feel very comfortable and are right there. It was wrong for me. I was there last summer for eight days. And I didn’t cancel.

“Bares for Rares” – presenter Horst Lichter would not want to be a candidate in his show. ZDF

“Bares for Rares” boss Horst Lichter about the noise in his head

But haven’t you regretted it?

No way. If it had been a monastery, as I would have expected, it would have been a different book. I don’t know if it would have been so interesting and intense then. I was completely free to write everything down as I felt it.

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What does “be quiet” mean to you?

I’ve thought about it a lot: is calm still still? Is peace stillness? Or is it just silence? For me there is silence when you are with yourself. That can also be in the midst of many people. When you rest in yourself and have your peace, then it is already quiet.

Did you come to this conclusion in the monastery?

In the silent monastery I had three levels of experience: For the first three days I was distracted by wondering and amused about what I was experiencing. The next few days were a struggle with the noise in my head, even though I didn’t speak at all. You only notice how loud it is there when you don’t have a TV, smartphone or anything else to distract you. Only then did the third stage come: Then I found the silence in me and let my thoughts run free.

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In what situations are you quiet in private?

I am a person who does not chase what so many people are doing today. I don’t have to be constantly present, look good all the time, and keep meeting expectations. I’ve never been like this before. When I am private, I am private. Then my mustache is not pulled up, then I wear my hair down. Then I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in and then I am like I was as a working-class child and like I was as a teenager. The social media generation gets up in the morning and has to tell everyone how well they slept. They often hardly live in the real world anymore. So they will probably not have any rest and will not find themselves. No wonder burnout is so widespread. Everyone thinks they always have to give their best and meet all expectations around them.

In the interview: “Bares for Rares” – presenter Horst Lichter. Facebook

Besides your penchant for classic cars, do you have a private passion for collecting?

I have 100,000 books. I love books since I was a child. I have a small library in every room and a huge one in the garage. But I haven’t read them all. I can’t do that due to the time frame. I like to buy books such as picture books by artists. I also always collected newspapers and magazines.

Horst Lichter: I could never not sell my treasures at “Bares für Rares”


You must never forget where you come from. We were poor and had no money. But we were happy and probably better fed than others. We grew our own vegetables and had rabbits and this and that. So everything was organic and mom always cooked fresh. That’s how I grew up. So whenever someone wanted to throw away newspapers or books, I kept them – under the bed. You can travel the world with books and magazines. You can do such beautiful things with your imagination. Books are so valuable.

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What about antiques?

I left the time behind with my restaurant, the ‘Oldiethek’. There I had collections without end, everything and all over the place. But that was always in my shop. In my private life I have always lived a lot tidier than you think. We like art, but we haven’t plastered the walls. We like nice furniture, but I don’t sit on a 200-year-old sofa at home. Our home is already clean, but cozy. I would never run the risk of becoming a Messi. As soon as a collection became too big or would burden me, I would dissolve it.

Is there anything from your private property that you would most like to wear to “Bares for Rares”?

No! I think differently. The things that I have had for a long time – from dad or grandpa – I would never not part with. I wouldn’t even want to know what they’re worth. And when I buy things, I’m much more interested in what they’re worth to me than what their market value is. I don’t need a valuation, I don’t want to destroy it with that.


“I’ll be quiet then. My search for the calm in me “

… is the new book by Horst Lichter. Germany’s most popular TV chef and presenter embarks on a journey into silence and to himself: a life guide full of peace, strength and deceleration, but also full of humor, winking and joy of life. Publisher: Knaur Balance, ISBN: 978-3-426-67604-2, 18 euros