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Download Google Chrome APK Free on Android

Chrome is a free cross-platform browser developed by Silicon Valley giant Google. Widely recognized for its speed and ease of use, Chrome has established itself as the most popular browser on the web. In addition, the application has a wide range of smart features that will allow you to take full advantage of the Internet.

What is Google Chrome

Chrome is a simple and lightweight browser developed by Google on the basis of an open source project called Chromium. The first version of the software was officially unveiled on 1er September 2008, the day before its official launch, and since then, several versions have been put online. First intended for Microsoft Windows-type operating systems, Chrome then extended its scope to now include devices running Linux, Mac OS, iOS or Android.

Since then, Chrome has been a huge success with its users and the application has even become the most popular browser on the web. A StatCounter report from November 2020 estimated that the application held a 70% share of the global PC browser market and 66.12% for all platforms combined.

Why use Google Chrome?

Chrome is considered one of the most used browsers today. Although it is made up of the standard bricks for viewing and displaying web content, Chrome also has a customizable user interface in order to optimize ergonomics and reading comfort. This interface includes a single input field, the Omnibox, which allows you to formulate your requests for search engines or enter the address of the websites you wish to consult.

In addition, Chrome offers you the possibility of simultaneously accessing several web pages via its system of customizable tabs. It thus guarantees optimal management of memory resources to avoid any problem with your computer crashing or slowing down.

Over time, the browser has been enriched with various and varied features and Chrome now offers several configuration options to simplify your activity on the net.

Among these features is the ability to create and manage bookmarks that allow you to quickly find the websites that interest you. These bookmarks can then be synchronized on your different devices (computers, smartphones, tablets). Even more impressive, it is now possible for you to directly send an open tab to another of your devices in order to continue the consultation. However, to benefit from this functionality, you will need to identify yourself to your personal Google account.

In terms of security, Chrome offers you the possibility of being alerted when you try to access a potentially dangerous site. To do this, the browser maintains a list of phishing and malware sites and displays an alert message if the page in question is listed as at risk. The browser will then ask you if you are aware of the risk involved and confirm your access to said content if you so desire.

On the other hand, Chrome also allows you to automatically save your passwords and logins. If you have approved the recording of this data, the browser will automatically fill in the authentication fields during future sessions. You will then no longer have to remember this information.

Still on the same vein, Chrome can also automatically save your online payment details (credit card number, expiration date, name of the card holder, etc.) as well as various information about you (addresses , email, phone number, etc.). This will allow you to complete the entry forms more quickly.

Google chrome

For even more security, Chrome provides you with the Safe Browsing tool. This alerts you instantly when it records an attempt to spoof your login details. Once the alert has been received, you will be able to quickly modify these identifiers and thus avoid any loss of data linked to an inability to access your online accounts.

If you want to preserve your anonymity during a browsing session, Chrome allows you to activate the “incognito” mode also called “private browsing” mode. Once activated, the application will stop storing various information such as search or browsing history, form data, site data, cookies, etc. until the application is restarted. You can then switch from incognito mode to standard mode as you wish.

However, if you opt for standard mode, Chrome will give you the option to manage HTTPS / SSL certificates. Managing these types of certificates will allow you to allow or deny connection to certain servers.

All these features added to those provided by the various extensions (plugins) available in the catalog of Google Chrome have made it one of the browsers most appreciated by Internet users. In addition, you will be able to access even more services offered by Google if you sign in to your Google account via the Chrome browser.

Where can I download Google Chrome?

The desktop version of Chrome can be downloaded for free from the official site from Google. The detection of the OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) as well as its version (32 bits or 64 bits) will be done automatically and the site will directly offer you the updated version of the software.

Mobile versions of Chrome running on Android, iPhone or iPad are directly accessible via the Play Store or the App Store. The latest version is fully compatible with Android 4.1 and iOS 9 operating systems or their later versions.

What are the new features of Google Chrome?

Among the new features offered by Google Chrome, there is the “Security control” tool that allows you to quickly check if your password is strong enough. In other words, if your password is complex enough that it cannot be easily broken. This tool also alerts you if your credentials have been compromised. In fact, the browser is now equipped with a key-shaped icon, located on the avatar of your Google profile, which allows you to assess and improve the strength of your passwords.

By the way, last year Google also allowed iOS users to automatically fill in password fields in other apps from information stored in Chrome. This feature, which joins biometric authentication on iOS, should soon be generalized on Android.

Also to strengthen the security of your browsing, the latest version of Chrome no longer allows you to download certain media deemed unsecure. Specifically, FTP support has been disabled, which now prevents downloading HTTP files from HTTPS web pages.

Finally, in order to facilitate the user experience, Chrome now allows access to advanced tab management. You can now combine multiple open tabs into a single group. You can rename the tab groups, you can collapse and expand them as you like and you can even search all tabs through a pop-up window.

What are the best alternatives to Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge

Several alternatives to Google Chrome are available for free on the web. Among them is Edge, the web browser designed by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. Initially integrated into Windows 10, Edge is now available on Mac OS, iOS or Android and can therefore run universally on PC, tablet or smartphone. Microsoft Edge has a set of features that give the browser more performance and speed than its predecessor. Advantages of Edge include the integration of the intelligent personal assistant Cortana in the browser or the future support for 3D with Microsoft HoloLens.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox, the famous Mozilla Foundation web browser, also remains a serious competitor to Chrome. Mozilla Firefox was developed using an open source approach and therefore benefits from the support of thousands of voluntary contributors. Just like Chrome, Firefox is free, cross-platform, and offers a wide range of advanced features. These include, for example, integrated geolocation, the presence of an anti-phishing filter or the possibility of reorganizing the tabs during navigation.


Safari, the browser signed by Apple, also has its say. Intended initially for Mac and iOS, this browser is positioned as the first direct competitor of Chrome just ahead of Edge and Firefox. Its version 14, the latest to date, offers multiple features including the possibility of obtaining monthly privacy reports on trackers blocked by the browser. The latter also allows you to display information on a website or to activate or deactivate extensions for a particular site.


Finally, we cannot complete this list without citing Qwant, the French search engine compatible with all browsers. As its slogan indicates, Qwant makes a point of respecting the privacy of its users. Therefore, the service does not use your search history or your personal data for commercial purposes. Best of all, the search results ranking algorithm provided by Qwant is completely neutral and impartial. In other words, the platform will never show you targeted ads based on your past searches. This represents a real advantage for its users.