May 27, 2024


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Who says new year certainly means new trends in design. Indeed, no matter which part you want to make some improvements, there is always a new breakthrough, a new, more efficient product that replaces what you have. The year 2021 is no exception and even pushes the boundaries of recent window and door technologies, with the development of models with elegant, refined finishes and an energy-efficient concept. Now, since any new trend is rarely sustainable, which trends in 2021 are here to stay?

The main trends in 2021

Trends in doors and windows perfectly reflect current consumer tastes. The latter, feeling more concerned by the state of the planet and our energy consumption, therefore invest in efficient models from an energy point of view. Therefore, such doors and windows save money, unlike worn models which easily let air through. In addition, the return “to the natural” of the composition of the doors is still present. Consumers want wood as the primary material, in dark tones, saturated undertones and pastel impulses.

Another notorious trend in window choice? Homeowners wishing to change the glazing of their home now choose sophisticated and modern models at the same time. They want that little something that makes the whole thing unique and personalized, even if it means considering a certain discreet pattern. In short, simplicity and elegance. In addition, in order to change the ambiance of their home, many homeowners opt for windows made of extruded aluminum, a black finish option that adds style and a clean finish, in addition to adding resistance. from the window.

In terms of window coverings, many people opt for vinyl, an inexpensive material that is resistant to polar cold (and scorching heat) and easy to maintain. When it comes to doors, natural light is now an increasingly popular trend. As a result, there are more and more doors with a glazed part, even inside the house. In addition, the most popular interior door designs in 2021 are tall and designed to slide on a track. They save space and add modernity to any room.

Experts in doors and windows

It is undeniable, when one wishes to proceed to a window or door change, it is essential to do business with experts in the field. They, in addition to accompanying us from taking measurements to installation, can advise us on the best suitable model, in accordance with our tastes and current trends. For doors and windows designed with quality materials and for a service characterized by rigor and thoroughness, do not hesitate to contact them as soon as possible.