May 19, 2024


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Corona-Aus: Well-known German fashion brand ceases operations

One of the most famous German designer brands is finally bankrupt. The company ceases operations. The end of the fashion label had been in sight for a long time.

  • One of the most famous German designer brands is broke went.
  • The Companies poses because of the Corona crisis finally shut down.
  • The The End was just a matter of time.

Nördlingen – The German had existed for several years Cult luxury label Strenesse on shaky legs. The Corona*-Pandemic finally gave the company the rest. Now it is final broke and closes forever at the end of the year. founder and Investors have pulled the rip cord – the designer brand can no longer be helped.

It means that final end for one of the earlier figureheads of the Germans Fashion industry. The Corona * crisis was to blame, he justified ailing Swabian fashion company his crotch. Company spokeswoman Carolin Obermaier also announced that 56 employees are affected by the closure. The end of the fashion company was foreseeable for years. The luxury fashion retailer from the Swabian city of Nördlingen had been in a crisis for a long time. For 65 years it was from Strehle family, which the company founded in 1949, was run independently. As the Indebtedness got bigger and bigger, the family had to hand over control of the indebted corporation liquidator submit.

Strenesse / Corona crisis: Famous German designer fashion brand is finally closing down

Last year, Strenesse already had that after 2014 second bankruptcy registered in self-administration. At the beginning of 2014, the then Chef Luca Strehle can still convince the creditors of a twelve million euro bond to wait three years longer for the repayment of the borrowed money. At that time Strenesse still had around 400 Employees. In the following years, however, more and more Downsizing and reduced the number of own sales outlets. It was followed by one Restructuring, which was almost completed in the first quarter of 2020 and led to positive sales. But the fashion manufacturer could not withstand the effects of the Corona crisis.

At the beginning of its foundation, the fashion label was steadily on the rise. The factory grew steadily over the coming decades, with the Strenesse product line first appearing at the end of the 1960s. The brand is an artificial word from the name of the owner family and the French “Jeunesse” (youth). In the 1990s it was replaced by the then Creative Director Gabriele Strehle developed collection an internationally sought-after designer brand. Strenesse presented itself in Milan, Swabian fashion was in Japan sold and one subsidiary company in the United States founded.

Strenesse: Final Corona-Aus for famous German designer fashion brand

Many people should be familiar with the designer brand from a different context. The company was in the meantime a Outfitter of the National soccer team. National coach Jogi Löw made headlines first with a white shirt and then with a blue “lucky sweater” from the Strenesse production. However, this could not lead the North Swabian supplier out of the red in the long term. (jbr) * is part of the Ippen-Digital editors network

Not only the fashion industry was hit hard during the Corona crisis. Some restaurateurs also suffered from the effects: TV cook Sarah Wiener had to file for bankruptcy.

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