June 18, 2024


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Computer Science Internships | Westfield State University

The Computer and Information Science Department offers two levels of internship, under the course designations of CAIS 0396 – Computer Science Internship A, and CAIS 0397 – Computer Science Internship B. These internships are available to both Computer Science and Computer Information Systems majors and, in certain exceptional circumstances, to students in other majors. Although generally offered as 3 credit experiences, other credit levels may be assigned to an internship due to the amount of time that is devoted to the internship experience. Generally, a 3 credit internship experience assumes that 8 – 10 hours per week will be devoted to the endeavor by the student.

Eligibility requirements for a Computer Science Internship are as follow:
1.  Overall GPA of 2.5 or better
2.  GPA in major of 3.0 or better
3.  Recommendation of student’s advisor
4.  Approval of Computer Science Internship Coordinator
5.  Junior standing or above

CAIS 0396 – Computer Science Internship A is typically offered as an on-campus experience, and the CAIS 0397 – Computer Science Internship B is typically offered as an off-campus experience at a workplace, or in some cases may be a continuation of a previous on-campus experience. Both the CAIS 0396 and CAIS 0397 internship may be taken multiple times for credit.

A number of CAIS 0396 on-campus internship opportunities exist. Among them are working in the Center for Instructional Technology, where students work as or with instructional technologists, or in the College’s Information Technology Department, where students have often worked at the help desk or within the networking and infrastructure group. Of course, other on-campus venues are available as well, although not as regularly as those noted above.

CAIS 0397 internship opportunities may be either a continuation of an on-campus CAIS 0396 internship (often with an increased level of commitment and responsibility), or an off-campus experience. Off-campus internships may be as varied as the workplaces that exist in the “real world”. CAIS 0397 internships have been completed in private business and industry settings, as well as in any number of public settings including schools, state and municipal offices, and within military installations.

Regardless of the venue, an internship can provide students not only valuable work experience in the area of their major, but also an experience that potential employers often view most favorably. In fact, a number of our students have gone on to full-time employment at the place of their internship.

To obtain more information regarding potential internship opportunities within the Department of Computer and Information Science, please contact Prof. Steve Boughosn, Internship Coordinator (413-572-5294, [email protected]).