July 22, 2024


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Boost Your Small Business Marketing By Using Technology As Suggested By Eric Dalius

Despite limited resources and capabilities, small business owners who dream to make their business grow fast must use technology to augment their marketing efforts. Technology will help you enhance marketing efficiencies with minimal acquisition costs, believes EJ Dalius, a marketer par excellence. It involves attracting qualified leads that hold high promise for conversions, but the task is not as easy as it appears. To make things easy, small business owners must take up the challenge of targeting customers by using appropriate technologies that ensure easy access to qualified leads that enhances the prospects of taking the business to new heights.

Here you will find some marketing cues from Eric J Dalius that will simplify small business marketing by using technology that suits the pocket and the needs of small business owners.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Successful marketing depends on a good understanding of the target audience to communicate with them in the most appropriate manner that builds credibility and trust while encouraging them to take some positive action. It consists of creating content specifically for the target audience. AI plays a huge role in analyzing the audience’s mind and behavior that helps develop the right type of content. According to EJ Dalius, AI makes the task of connecting with the right people in the right way much easier as you can drive home the message effectively by knowing what the audience wants. AI will help you carve a marketing plan specific to the target audience, and you can create several plans to target different groups.

Use the latest software for email marketing

Email marketing is nothing new, but its success depends on how well you can use it to realize your business goals.  Despite having the best skills in drafting impressive emails, you might not get the right results. To fill the gap, you must use the latest email marketing software to create a personalized marketing campaign that resonates with the audience. Create messages with different tones so that you can engage with the audience at a personal level that elicits the best response.  It also helps to present the business in the right perspective to the specific audience that encourages them to explore the business from different angles to make the right decision.

Use CRM software

Using a Customer Relationship Software (CRM) helps to stay at the top of your game in marketing as you can feel the pulse of customers and offer them the best options that generate business. By analyzing the CRM data, you can thoroughly analyze the audience behavior, what they like, and dislike to create a strategy to make them positively respond to your communications. By using the CRM software, you will be able to segregate prospects and leads and better understand the changes in their needs.

Although your website remains central to your marketing efforts, create a unified strategy by utilizing several channels, including social media, to augment your marketing efforts.

Published March 1st, 2021