April 24, 2024


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AltkreisBlitz: Exhibition in the city museum: “Hidden treasures

The variety of human collecting activities is almost inexhaustible. The new exhibition “Hidden Treasures – Collectors Exhibit”, which is organized by the VVV, the Friends of the City Museum and the city of Burgdorf from Sunday 5th September to Sunday 31st October in the City Museum (Schmiedestrasse 6) present.

The Hannover Region and the Stadtsparkasse Burgdorf provide support. The show is open on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. with free admission. The following special opening times apply to Sunday shopping and Region Discovery Day on September 5: 12 noon to 6 pm. The 3G rules (vaccinated, recovered or tested) apply to a museum visit with appropriate evidence. In addition, personal registration of the contact details is required.

Some of the collectors involved dedicate themselves to their areas of interest over several decades, putting together extensive collections, often of particular rarity. They selected a representative cross-section for the exhibition. Some objects have never been seen in public.

All about fan culture

A separate section of the exhibition with exhibits from the Football Museum Springe is dedicated to collectibles that are due to the “most beautiful minor matter in the world” and reflect all facets of the football cosmos. The visitors have the opportunity to look at tickets, sports reports, sports equipment, fan articles and much more.

Former treasures from childhood

A treasure trove of historical tin toys is Dieter Vogelsang’s collection, the individual pieces of which date from his childhood. After the toy, which was believed to be lost, reappeared, it spanned a shadowy existence on the floor of his apartment building until four years ago. His retirement in 2008 was the impetus to organize and systematically record the toy inventory. Many extraordinary gems came into the daylight. The exhibition includes toy vehicles and tin toys in the most varied of forms and the railway landscape, which not only makes children’s eyes light up.

Model car ducks of all variants

Karl-Heinz Voget is a passionate fan of duck car models and has a collection that has been continuously developed since 1986 with almost 225 different examples. From “true to the original” to “modeled”, made of wax, sheet metal or lead crystal, with a built-in clock or sound chip, everything is included. Voget also owns well-known films such as the yellow duck from the James Bond film “For your eyes only” or the “Pole duck” from the series “Head over heels”. Comic is represented in the collection.

Passion for wall masks

Matthias Piering owes his passion for ceramic wall masks to a visit to the flea market. In doing so, he came across a stylish wall mask that caught his attention and aroused his closer interest. For me, he laid the foundation for a diverse collection, the most attractive specimens of which can be seen in the city museum. Most of them come from the leading manufacturers of the 1950s, Goldscheider (Austria) and Cortendorf (Germany). Museum visitors will find that this type of wall decoration has been wrongly forgotten. As a descendant of a traditional Saxon family of instrument makers, Matthias Piering also developed a passion for collecting brass instruments and exhibits historical trombones in the city museum, which performed their musical service well into the first half of the 20th century.

Historical hairdressing equipment

An extensive selection of exhibits from hairdressing salons of the previous century shows which utensils the hairdressers used in their craft from 1910 to the 1970s. Bernd Lange’s enthusiasm for collecting has awakened automobiles on a smaller scale since his childhood. Later he concentrated on Mercedes models and added all vehicle variants from classic cars to racing cars to his collection. The nostalgic sound character of records exerts a special attraction on Eberhard Rumpf and prompted him to set up a rich collection of these sound carriers with music of all styles from classical to jazz to rock.

From buffet clocks to bath ducks

Roland Schubert’s collection includes numerous buffet clocks, the sonorous chime of which could be heard in almost every living room until the middle of the 20th century and has largely faded away today. He is also fascinated by porcelain biscuit boxes. The other exhibits also show how diverse the human tendency to collect is. There are bed warmers, thimbles, mocha spoons, a miniature monkey orchestra with figures from the Meissen Baroque and coffee pots from 100 years that reflect the changing fashion of coffee culture. The Burgdorf bicycle gallery is also involved with a selection of historic bicycles. A selection of rubber ducks with an amazing variety of imaginative motifs rounds off the exhibition palette.