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1A1 is looking for professionals to train young people

Are you a professional and want to help a young student in the success of his studies and his professional integration? Are you aware of the difficulties encountered by young people? As part of the “1 young 1 solution” plan, launched in March 2021 by the government, Article 1 is even more committed to students. As the winner of the call for mentoring projects, the association wishes to strengthen mutual aid and solidarity with young people thanks to its new “1A1” platform.

Did you know that 75% of students from working-class backgrounds believe they are in psychological distress because of the health crisis? It is the result of a study of the association Article 1 which reveals the consequences of the health crisis on students, between distance learning and the financial insecurity that some are experiencing. “The students are confused. They bear the brunt of the impacts of Covid 19. We risk seeing the phenomena of self-censorship increase and the difficulties of projecting into the future, for all but even more particularly for the most disadvantaged young people. ! In addition to the difficulty in taking distance courses and the growing economic insecurity, we identify a real psychological distress. We feel their isolation and their anguish! », Explains Benjamin Blavier, co-founder of Article 1.

The academic success of all young people, a social emergency

When we come from QPV (priority neighborhoods for city policy) or rural areas, education and guidance too often resemble an obstacle course and the crisis will not have helped. It leaves young people isolated and worried about their future when some are tempted to give up. After months of confinement, this exam period is crucial for the success of their studies and their professional integration. Take a look on Twitter and other platforms, thousands of students, without a network, ask for a place on an internship or work-study program every day. If the crisis brings its share of difficulties, it is added to the shocking structural inequalities which affect young people from working-class backgrounds and in particular from QPV. As a reminder, at an equivalent school level, finding a job is more difficult when you live in a priority neighborhood. Result, 73.5% of students who come from working-class backgrounds say they are stressed and exhausted by the ambient uncertainty linked to the crisis, affirms a study of Article 1 in a study conducted in November 2020.

Changing the destiny of a young person thanks to the mentorat

Faithful to its fight for equal opportunities, the Article 1 association is part of the “Mentoring Collective”, associations selected by the State to achieve the objective of 100,000 mentees by the end of the year. “Solidarity is the best response to the crisis. It is necessary to recreate the links between young people, who are on the front line in the face of the social and economic crisis, and all those who can help them today, and they are numerous ”, explains Benjamin Blavier, co-founder of the association. Article 1.

1A1, the new free digital support platform was born to ensure academic follow-up, moral support, help in finding internships and jobs for students, in particular scholarship holders or students in difficulty. The association has thought of everything to simplify the meeting. After matching, mentors and students can organize meetings at their own pace, online or face-to-face and for as long as they want. And it works ! Since the launch of the platform, 4,000 mutual aid pairs have been created. By giving a little of their time and their passion, these professionals have made it possible for young people not to drop out.

To join the thousands of professionals who help these students in difficulty, register quickly on www.reussir1a1.org.

Would you like to know more about the Article 1 association and its activities? Meet here : article-1.eu

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