May 27, 2024


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You need these shoes for the next city trip

With the first rays of sunshine, the falling number of corona cases and the associated relaxation, the taste of freedom melts sweetly and promisingly on our tongues. In addition, there is increasing hope for a little vacation, a little variety and just getting out. A European city trip is perfect. That’s what Sneakerjagers thought, so they put together a packing list with the best shoes for a city trip in summer. Maybe you will go to Amsterdam or Utrecht?

Because Sneakerjagers, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is both your sneaker search engine for hyped kicks and hip drops, as well as for your favorite silhouettes and contact person for everything to do with shoes.

Of course, there are a few factors to consider when packing. Do you only travel with hand luggage, how long have you been on the road and what are your plans? That is why the Sneakerjagers team suggests a selection of a maximum of three pairs of shoes. The boys and girls there love shoes and can therefore understand the agony of choice, but who knows? Maybe one or the other couple will come along and you will therefore need a little space in your suitcase first.

The best way to discover a city is on foot, that’s for sure. But especially during the hot months, the asphalt can heat up quite a bit, so comfort is key.

When it comes to a travel wardrobe, it is important that it is chic but still practical. Ideally, you can combine all the pieces with each other and easily transform the outfits from a day to a night look. Of course, this also applies to the choice of your shoes. Sneakerjagers therefore attaches great importance to comfort and style.

Now you get three suggestions for girls and boys, which you can of course combine well with each other.

Beige for everyone

Photo source: Aspahltgold

The New Balance 327 is a very new model from the Boston brand, it was only launched in 2020 and was designed by Charlotte Lee. The nice thing about this silhouette, like so many of the brand, is that it is intended for both boys and girls from the start. In fact, New Balance has long had what we now call inclusive sizing. You can also read Kevin’s article on Sneakerjagers, which explains the special features in more detail

For him:

Photo source: 43einhalb

For her:

Photo source: 43einhalb

The slides from Birkenstock are just as unisex. Even if the models, colors and details vary a little, the popular Arizona can be seen on everyone’s feet. For a long time they were decried as eco slippers, but today they are convincing as trendy lifestyle silhouettes. The Birkenstock sandals with the characteristic cork sole have been around for more than 240 years, and many great new models have been added in recent years. The success of the sandals stems from the orthopedically inspired shoemaking trade of the founding family.

Classic in black and white

Photo source: 43einhalb

Let’s start again with a New Balance brand sneaker, which is currently very popular. We are of course talking about the New Balance W MR530SG. These sporty kicks can also be worn comfortably by both women and men on vacation, because the kicks originally developed as running shoes are equipped with ABSORB cushioning technology.

Photo source: Asphaltgold

No summer without Adilette, right? Since our selection of shoes on the trip is unfortunately limited and you might not want to go out in the evening in ‘old’ flip-flops, the Sneakerjagers team recommends the cool adidas x Pharrell Williams Chancletas HU. This slide is also all about comfort. For example, Pharell added energy-returning cushioning to the design of the classic Adilette, as well as a strap with a special fastener that is padded and adjustable. Ps: If black is too boring for you, you can find more colorways of the model here.

It should be colorful and bold

For her:

Photo source: 43einhalb

Everyone knows the Nike Air Force 1, of course, but the clue of these kicks is the tear-away upper. The sneaker is initially white with an unusual surface structure. You can also see small scissors in some places. The impatient can immediately remove the upper layer of the upper on these surfaces, if you want to delay the tension a little longer, you put on the shoe and wait until the colors are revealed as if by themselves.

For him:

Photo source: Foot Locker

The Nike Air Max Plus is an absolute classic and, from sneaker hunters’ point of view, should be in every shoe cabinet. The kicks were designed by Sean McDowell and first came on the market in 1998. The designer was inspired by whale fins and palm trees. If you want to know more about the sneaker and not only look great, then read the Sneakerjagers FAQ on the Nike Air Max Plus max-plus-faq /

There you can find out, among other things, why the shoe also bears the abbreviation TN.

Photo source: yeezymafia

Now it’s going to be wild. Tinker Hatfield, the legendary designer at Nike, once said that design can trigger discomfort and incomprehension, and maybe even has to, in order to set new impulses. What Kanye West implements in its Yeezy creations together with adidas is, to put it mildly, unusual and maybe not something for everyone. But if you’re brave, then the Yeezy Foam Runners are a bold statement for your look. You can read more about the silhouette at Sneakerjagers.

The foam runners are extremely popular despite their polarity, which is why they are only available through resell platforms. But you can also use the Sneakerjagers release calendar [link hierfür:] keep an eye out to be notified of a drop. There the team offers an overview of all sneakers and explains how, when and where you can get them. Stopping by and immersing yourself in the world of sneakers is worthwhile.

Pack your suitcase and go!

The team at Sneakerjagers hopes you’ve got some inspiration for your city trip or any upcoming vacation.

In order to optimize your City Trip wardrobe, you are welcome to try on and / or layout your outfit combinations before leaving. Photos will help you in the morning on vacation when you are feeling uninspired.

Have fun on vacation and always apply lotion!