May 18, 2024


Built General Tough

Why are people embarrassed by liking this French Fry condiment?

Food choices, habits and likes are very personal so why is this French Fry condiment causes such embarrassment around the table. Even though parents might hide in the pantry to enjoy that OREO cookie, the reality is that the table should be a safe space for enjoying your favorite food. Isn’t it time to celebrate this French Fry condiment, not hide it?

Recently, Instacart conducted an exhaustive survey on Americans love of condiments. While some people cannot live without their favorite sauces, the reality is that all that dipping can be a little perilous. Besides the errant spill on the shirt, the reality is that some people have some very strong saucy sides.

According to the Instacart survey, 34% of respondents felt self-conscious about “dipping fries in mayonnaise.” While this number is significant, it is unusual. Mayonnaise and fries are a common combination. Maybe the embarrassment comes from having to ask for the extra sauce on the side. As long as no one brings up the Miracle Whip debate, this French Fry condiment issue should be tabled for another time.

What’s more embarrassing than this French Fry condiment controversy?

The Instacart condiment survey gave food fans a lot of information to chew on. From age impacting condiment preferences to the most hated condiment on the table, the reality is that food always sparks a conversation.

From likes to dislikes to trends to comfort food, the reality is that food is rooted in opinion. The way that one person tastes a dish may not be the same as another person. While there can be some universal appreciation of flavor and ingredients, the reality is that everyone will not always agree.

While these survey findings make for good food conversation, the reality is that the survey might change with the next set of responses. After all, who would have expected that whipped coffee, pasta chips and hard seltzer would be part of the vernacular a couple of years ago.


For now, enjoy that mayonnaise as a French Fry condiment and share that food preference proudly. It just might start the next great food trend.