July 22, 2024


Built General Tough

What’s your favorite food to fight about?

7-Eleven hot dogs rotating on rollers

7-Eleven hot dogs rotating on rollers

7-Eleven weiner, anyone?

Yesterday Eater published a gorgeous package that celebrates the many marvels of gas station food, and since the moment it dropped at 8:55 a.m. EDT, the internet has been in doing what it does best: hardcore quibbling. Who doesn’t enjoy a good quibble? As much as I love learning about things like the potato chip capital of the world and Wawa hoagies, I love having the opportunity to lecture anonymous strangers about the supreme virtues of Royal Farms’ fried chicken even more. This is not to say I believe it is superior to all the other gas station foods that were mentioned; I haven’t even tasted a solid 99% of them. I just like yelling about inconsequential things, because it helps me ignore all the other far more concerning things I should be yelling about.

I don’t engage in every inane food war that arises on the internet, because I am old and wise enough to pick my battles. But some fights I simply can’t walk away from, especially when it comes down to defending the honor of a food that needs a champion. Some things are underappreciated, like Royal Farms’ fried chicken, or overlooked, like McDonald’s Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel, or just tragically misunderstood, like 7-Eleven’s mozzarella sticks, and it’s up to us internet loudmouths to spread the good word. What food are you most willing to passionately defend whenever some fool dares besmirch its good name?

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