November 29, 2023


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What is LearnStorm? Teachers and students share their appreciation for Khan Academy’s classroom tool

What is LearnStorm? Teachers and students share their appreciation for Khan Academy’s classroom tool

What is LearnStorm? Teachers and students share their appreciation for Khan Academy’s classroom tool

Hey Teachers! Have you heard of LearnStorm? Questioning what LearnStorm is? LearnStorm is a classroom resource that combines growth–mindset routines and lesson-aligned follow to push mastery of core educational abilities, motivate school rooms, and establish students’ self esteem.

LearnStorm is the world’s only classroom engagement resource that each drives ability mastery AND gets youngsters dancing — and it is Free for you and your students! Study on to hear what learners and teachers enjoy about LearnStorm and how you can sign your course up today.

LearnStorm is a common classroom device amid instructors

A single point is for selected — lecturers really like LearnStorm and very recommend it as a terrific motivational resource for students. Past college student motivation, teachers have discovered LearnStorm is an exceptional useful resource for differentiation, local community creating, and university readiness. To listen to much more teacher activities, look at LaToya’s story or Carmen’s tale as they share how amazed they are with Khan Academy’s free classroom tool.

LearnStorm has a big effect on mastery understanding

One particular of the biggest added benefits of LearnStorm is the mastery-primarily based technological innovation developed into it. LearnStorm focuses on talent ranges up, so the progress you rejoice as a course will depict accurate progress towards mastery of techniques. The LearnStorm tracker will visually demonstrate your college students how their personal attempts contribute to course objectives, devoid of singling out any unique who is struggling.

Students share what they enjoy about LearnStorm

In addition to lecturers loving this software, learners also take pleasure in the impact it has on their learning. Learners and instructors report a enhance in their self-confidence and perception of community in the classroom after using LearnStorm.

LearnStorm will convey your course together to function on a shared objective and act as a potent motivator for your students. Hear to instructors and college students from Pine Hill Center Faculty talk about their encounter with LearnStorm and how efficient it was for their discovering. at?v=E8G_gF409XU

Deliver the joy of LearnStorm to your course!

Whether or not your college students are completing assignments or working towards abilities as component of a program mastery target, you can use LearnStorm to track their skill progress. Give LearnStorm a consider to encourage your college students and assist them celebrate their development and mastery all yr very long.

Attempt LearnStorm currently!

Learn much more about Khan Academy’s cost-free LearnStorm tracker and how to put into action it in your classroom.