May 27, 2024


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What does AI do for legal technology and law firms?

You’re pretty familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning in your everyday life. When you use a navigation app to see the fastest route to your destination – AI. When you ask your smart home device what time your favorite store opens – AI. And when your streaming device suggests shows you might like – yes, that’s AI, too.

While AI is becoming more and more mainstream in our homes, it’s also making its way into our jobs. You may be wondering what AI-enhanced legal technology can do for you and your law firm. Here are a few ways AI can (or already has) further advance your firm’s reputation and success.

So, what does AI look like for law firms?

You build a better legal case strategy

Innovative legal technology gives lawyers and law firms unprecedented insight into lawyers, judges, courts, damages — just to name a few. Information that was once gleaned primarily from anecdotes and personal experience is now based on data-driven knowledge.

All of this means you can build an even stronger case strategy. These AI-powered tools give you a better understanding of previously uncertain aspects of your case, like how often your judge grants summary judgment motions or which court would be best for your client’s matter.

Your firm’s clients are happy (and they tell their friends)

Your clients want to know everything. They want to know how much this is going to cost them. They want to know long it’s going to take. They want to know their chances of a successful outcome.

While you previously did the best with what you had, you now have more. That same data, those same insights, everything that helps you build a better case strategy also helps you give your clients the reassurance they need. Keeping them informed is more than just giving them answers – it’s giving them confidence in you and their future.

You give the people what they want

Your clients. Your prospective clients. Your current staff. Your prospective staff. They are going to start expecting these kinds of innovative tools — ones they can trust, ones that continue innovating. They are no longer skeptical of AI and machine learning – they are demanding it. Whether they’ve used these tools before or have heard about them from friends or colleagues, they are going to want their firms to be using the standard for legal research.

If you want to win new clients and keep or recruit staff, you need the best legal tech out there.

Your due diligence looks different

Double checking your work. Triple checking. No matter the number, the process has been the same. You drafted your memo or brief and then you reviewed it time and time again. It’s not the most efficient method or the most cost effective — you likely can’t bill your client for your perfectionism. But now you can reduce the time and unbillable hours while increasing your confidence that you haven’t missed a thing.

AI-backed legal document analyzing tools go through your documents with the fine-tooth comb of your dreams. This means you can be confident you’re turning in a memo or brief that is ironclad and that you didn’t miss a thing.

You’ve got the strongest authority and your citations and quotations are verified. That assurance is second to none, but closely following is being able to check your opponent’s work product with the same level of detail. Did they accidentally (or otherwise) misquote a case? Did they reference case law that has since been overturned? They might not have realized this … but you did. And all of this is due to the AI that is now the standard in legal research.

Make your law firm even better

AI-powered legal research gives firms the second (and third and fourth and fifth and …) set of eyes they desperately wish they had but can’t realistically count on or build into the workflow. It gives attorneys the extra confidence they need when they work with their clients or enter the courtroom.

Your firm can be even better in less time with fewer write-offs with the best of the AI-assisted legal research technology. That means more successful outcomes and clients that spread the word.

That’s just the beginning of what legal AI can do for you. Take your firm to the next level with AI-enhanced legal tech.