May 19, 2024


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Weil a.Rh .: Nice presents for Weil a.Rh. – State supports the city’s corporate mobility management with 156,000 euros

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A grant notification from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport fluttered to the city recently. It contains a grant of almost 156,000 euros (exactly: 155,880 euros) from the funding guidelines “Official Mobility Management in Authorities”. This money will be used to build a building for bicycle parking and logistics areas for waste as well as for separate shower and changing rooms with lockers. Both are components of the town hall extension and the safety-related renovation of the existing building. “We are delighted that the state has approved this grant so quickly. This underlines that this measure developed from the mobility concept is well prepared. It is a further component of the declared goal of making the city administration climate-neutral by 2040, ”emphasizes Mayor Wolfgang Dietz.

With the expansion of the town hall, among other things, 31 bicycle parking spaces must be created – this is what the building law provides. The planning approved by the municipal council also provides for a further 50 bicycle parking spaces. These will be placed in the basement of the bicycle parking building, which is being built on the west side of the existing town hall, where the new side entrance has been created. Those who have to cope with longer distances and want to change and freshen up can use the changing and shower rooms that are being set up in the basement of the existing building. There are also 32 lockers in which clothes can be stored and towels can be dried. With this additional offer of covered, secured parking spaces, even more employees are to be encouraged to use the bicycle.

In the “Corporate Mobility Management” part of the mobility concept from 2018, a survey showed that around 60 percent of urban employees use the car as the preferred means of transport to get to work. 20 percent regularly use their bike, 10 percent use public transport or walk. The aim of the company mobility concept is to increase the proportion of public transport, cycling and walking to 60 percent by 2025. In order to create incentives, for example, the use of the RVL Jobcard has been subsidized with 25 euros per month since 2019. With the additional offer of comfortable bicycle parking spaces, there is another component.

“We want to lead the way with our corporate mobility concept and also set an example for the companies in our city,” says OB Dietz, summarizing the concept. “And it is important that the local council supports this concept.”

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