June 16, 2024


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Ways Marketing Can Help Your Business Bounce Back from Covid 19

Like other major cities around the globe, New York has suffered from the effects of Covid 19 with the economy being destroyed. Nonetheless, the city is beginning to make a comeback with a large population being already vaccinated. New businesses have made a debut as much as old ones have reopened. This has partly been fueled by the availability of retail space and lowered rent prices resulting from business closures.

As most of New York’s boroughs recover there are emerging opportunities for businesses to jump back in. Even then for your business to bounce back, you need more than Brooklyn retail space rental. You must have the right approach that will make it possible for you to deliver value to your customers and rebuild. Embracing the right market is crucial because it not only shows your customers that you deliver value.

Here are some of the ways you can leverage marketing to help your business bounce back from the Covid 19 pandemic:

·       Offer customized experiences for your customers.

It is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the shopping habits of customers to a great extent. This means that the strategies you employed to deliver customer experience before the pandemic may not yield the same result today. As a business that is keen on rising about the challenges to thrive, you will need to consider tuning your sales and marketing funnels to align with your customers’ unique position.

This goes a long way in showing your customers just how much you value their business. If anything, more people value a good customer experience that they will not only be willing to pay more but also make repeat purchases. According to Gartner, customer experience is responsible for about two thirds of customer loyalty. This means investing time and resources to get to know the mind of your customers so you can understand their lifecycle, single out the problems your product is solving and challenges in the sales pipeline before tuning your messaging to address the customer’s persona.

·       Invest in corporate social responsibility.

Although businesses and communities have both suffered from the effects of the pandemic, this is the best time for businesses to take up corporate social responsibility. This is a powerful marketing strategy that shows that businesses are not only interested in making money but also their customers’ welfare. Customers’ will be moved when they know you are committed to making their lives easier or making it better in the most genuine way during this pandemic. There’s so much you can do like offering discounts or free services, you could host a webinar, produce resources that will help your customers or offer free courses. All these helps to build awareness and trust so you can expect to make more sales. This will help your business to emerge from the pandemic to become a leader in your industry.

·       Design your marketing strategies around data.

Advertising is one of the most effective ways to let your customers know you are back. Whether you want to take up retail space for rent to set up a pop up shop or you are launching a new product, advertisements let you speak to your prospects. But did you know all your advertising efforts can amount to nothing if you don’t have the right data to back up your actions?

Data should be at the center of your marketing activities. Remember, even the advertising channels that were effective before the pandemic may not mean much post pandemic. However, you can rely on data to understand the current trends and determine what will work for your brand. Having a marketing strategy that is backed by data will drive exceptional results that your business needs to bounce back. Businesses that rely on data have high chances of getting the right message out to the right place and at the right time thus harnessing great benefits for their bottom-line. Personalized customer experience will definitely yield a better return on investment than generic marketing efforts.

Although most businesses are walking a tightrope when it comes to finances, the only way to bounce back is through aggressive marketing efforts. This may not necessarily be the old way of doing things, but tailored customer experiences based on data. When done right, these will generate excellent results and drive customer loyalty long after the pandemic is over. Most importantly, your business will bounce back even in the face of these uncertain times.

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