May 19, 2024


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Valkyrae’s streaming schedule may change as she reveals new health condition

YouTube streaming star Valkyrae has updated fans on her upcoming broadcasts due to a jaw condition with which she was recently diagnosed.

It’s safe to say that Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is one of the biggest names in the streaming game right now.

Originally finding her home on Twitch, Rae signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube in 2020, and has since gone on to become one of the most-watched women in online broadcasting.

However, being a top-tier streamer isn’t the cushy job it sometimes seems to be. Between her packed streaming schedule, dealing with stalkers and pushy fans, and overall massive workload, Rae has to take care of her physical health, too.

Valkyrae 100 Thieves
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Valkyrae won Content Creator of the Year in 2020 and is one of the most popular broadcasters around.

On August 31, Rae revealed that her upcoming streams might be shorter and that she may not be talking as much, due to a condition she was recently diagnosed with called temporomandibular joint dysfunction of the jaw.

Otherwise known as TMJ, this condition can lead to joint pain in the jaw, difficulty chewing, and clicking or locking of the jaw joint.

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Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, otherwise known as TMJ, can cause severe jaw pain that inhibits daily activities – including talking, which can wreak havoc on a streamer!

Understandably, this can make talking to chat quite the difficult task, which is why Rae warned fans that she might not be speaking as much in future broadcasts until the issue is resolved.

“I’ve developed Jaw TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction)!!” Rae explained. “Streams may be much shorter and I may be more quiet than usual so I can try to recover faster but idk if I can ever heal because I don’t shut up lol.”

Luckily, her fans and fellow streamers were quick to send her support — but this isn’t the first time Rae’s health complications have interrupted her broadcasts as of late.

In June, Rae revealed to fans that she was canceling an upcoming stream due to what she thought was appendicitis. It turns out that the streamer was actually suffering from pain due to ovarian cysts, and described the entire ordeal as “traumatizing” once she was back home and recovering.

Valkyrae updates fans on health condition

Valkyrae has also discussed her current jaw problem during live broadcasts, stating that it hurts to open her mouth very wide or to eat “crunchy” things. She also claimed that she hasn’t been getting good quality sleep due to pain.

“I grind my teeth a lot in my sleep, and for the past year or two, my mouth would randomly start popping when I ate meals sometimes,” Rae explained. “It was super random. I just kinda got really, really sore back here.”

As for treatment, the streamer claimed she would be going to the dentist to get evaluated and would be issued a “night guard” to protect her teeth when she grinds them in her sleep.

For now, we wish Valkyrae the best as she rests up and heals from this uncomfortable jaw issue.